Instructions on how to access Reserve materials can be located here.

Faculty instructions for placing items on course reserves

Faculty are responsible for ensuring that their course materials comply with copyright law. Materials will be placed on reserve at the request of faculty only for the noncommercial, educational uses of students. Materials placed on Course Reserves will be made available to students and faculty only during the semester when the requesting instructor is teaching the course, and will be removed when the course is no longer in session. Electronic resources and reserves must be restricted to authorized users.  

Reviewing material for copyright compliance

There are several resources available for faculty so they can determine if the materials they are submitting are copyright compliant. Print books and media can be placed on reserve shelves in the library. Electronic Reserves must consider the four factors of Fair Use as provided by the Copyright Law (Title 17, Section 107):
  • Purpose of use
  • Nature of the Work
  • Amount of the work
  • Effect on the Market for the Original
Materials must adhere to the University’s copyright policy. See Copyright information from OIT (Includes several links to information about copyright policies and myths). Also see the following pages for assistance: Digital Slider A tool to help determine if an item is in or out of copyright based on year of publication Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States, Peter Hirtle (© 2004-13 Peter B. Hirtle. Last updated 3 January, 2013)

General Guidelines

  • All materials must comply with copyright.
  • Reserve lists and materials must be submitted two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester for priority consideration.
  • Syllabi need to be submitted with the request for Reserve materials. Staff are not responsible for deciding what should be posted.
  • Forms must be included and filled out completely. Please indicate if materials are not needed until later in the semester.
  • Processing is done on a first come, first serve basis. Processing time depends on the number of items, quality of material and time of semester.
  • There are no permanent or standing reserves. Lists must be submitted every semester.
  • All reserve materials are placed on reserve in alphabetical order by title under the instructor’s name and course.
  • Completed forms can be emailed as a PDF or word attachment, submitted through campus mail, or brought to the appropriate library’s Circulation Desk.

Print Course Reserves

Please complete the Print Reserve form to have your items placed on Course Reserve. The following types of items may be placed on print course reserves in the appropriate library:
    • University Library owned materials. You may bring materials on the shelf to course reserve staff or provide a list for staff to pull. Be aware that materials may be checked out before we have an opportunity to pull items, especially at the beginning of the semester. If this happens, materials are recalled and may take longer to process for course reserves.
    • Personal copies of books. The library cannot be held liable for any damage or loss of personal copies.
    • Textbooks.
    • Commercially published course packs.
    • Materials written by the instructor for which the instructor owns copyright.
The following items may not be placed on print reserves:
    • Interlibrary loan items
    • Print reference materials
Time limits available for Print Reserves are:
      • 2 hour
      • 10 hour
      • 1 day
      • 3 day
      • 7 day
      • 10 day

Electronic Course Reserves

Electronic Course Reserves must be copyright compliant under U.S. Code: Title 17, Section 107 governing Fair Use. The following standards will be adhered to for electronic reserves. Submit requests via the Electronic Reserve Form . Limited amounts of material may be made available electronically to authorized users:
      • One chapter of a book or 10% of the book
      • One article from an issue of a journal
      • Several charts, graphs or illustrations
      • One poem or short story from a collected work
      • Material for which copyright permission to scan and provide access to has been granted to the faculty member.
      • Material that is judged to fall under the “fair use” provisions of Copyright Law.
  These limits are cumulative over a semester. Materials may be submitted in the following formats:
      • PDF
      • Microsoft Word (.doc)
      • Text File (.txt)
      • HyperText Markup (html)
      • JPEG (.jpg)
If the library owns or subscribes to an electronic resource (i.e. JSTOR, Project MUSE, etc.), the Library will link to articles in journals or chapters in e-books. A stable URL and complete citation information must be provided by the faculty member.  

Submitting copies of materials

      • Please submit your own photocopies of articles, chapters, etc., needed for your reserve list.
      • Photocopies should be 8 1/2 x 11 on white paper only, legible, one-sided, and contain no black margins.
      • Photocopied items should be of the best quality. Light copies and items with extremely small print do not scan well.
      • Hole punched photocopies will not be accepted.
      • Photocopies should be either landscape or portrait, not both within the same document.
      • Handwritten items should be neatly printed in black ink. Originals always scan better than a photocopy.
      • Photocopies that do not meet requirements may be returned.
      • If an article is full text on a library database, the article will be linked to your reserve list. Click here to search for Full Text Electronic Journals Available Through UA Databases.

Blackboard Course Reserve (Pilot Project)

Faculty are encouraged to use Blackboard to provide access to course reserves. This allows only authorized users to access the materials. Materials placed in Blackboard must still be copyright compliant and follow the criteria listed above. Gorgas Course Reserve staff will assist you with organizing your material or will link it for you during the Pilot Project. In order for the Gorgas staff to link material in Blackboard they must be enrolled as a Course Builder. The staff member will add e-reserve items and then will un-enroll from the course. Course Builders do not have access to grades or other private information about the students in the course. Instructions for adding users and material to Blackboard Learn Adding a User to Blackboard Learn Adding a File to Blackboard Learn Adding a Link to Blackboard Learn

Reserve Contacts

Name Library Contact
Shibria Aaron Bruno Library
Sarah Boykin Gorgas Library
Ben Northrup McLure Library
Sarah Boykin Music Library
Cathy Craig Rodgers Library