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Use of HughesNet, WildBlue, and other satellite internet providers may present problems when accessing the libraries resources, especially EBSCO products. This is often due to extra features enabled in your internet provider’s setup that are intended to boost speeds, e.g., the “Turbo Page” feature in Hughes Network or the “Optimizer” feature in WildBlue.

If you experience problems accessing the libraries resources via a satellite provider, you might want to try temporarily turning these features off and/or contacting your satellite provider for assistance.

Access to Licensed Electronic Resources

Access to the Libraries commercial databases and full-text resources is restricted to students, employees, and retirees of The University of Alabama. If you are a student, a member of the faculty or staff, or a retiree and do not have access, please contact Michael Arthur, Senior Associate Dean, for more information. All faculty, including adjuncts and formal visiting appointments (e.g., Visiting Professor, Visiting Scientist) should ensure that their employing departments have input a record for them into the University’s Banner system and coded the record for access to campus resources.

Users accessing this site by means of an independent Internet Service Provider will be required to log in with their Bama Account username and password before accessing the database.

Items marked AVL are available to citizens of Alabama who have an Alabama Virtual Library Card from their public library. Alabama citizens who are not members of the University of Alabama community should access AVL resources at:

If technical difficulties connecting to the Libraries resources occur after a department has created a Banner record for a faculty member or a student is enrolled and attending, the problem should be reported to the Office of Library Technology.

Usage of Licensed Electronic Resources

Most of the software, indexes, databases, and other electronic resources available through the University of Alabama Libraries are owned by various persons and entities and are licensed to UA. The products are protected by copyright and other laws. Use is limited to UA students, faculty, staff and library users. Unauthorized reproduction, transfer, alteration and/or use of the resources is prohibited. UA makes no representation or warranty as to the electronic resources. UA is not responsible for the content, format, or accuracy or availability of the resources. UA will have no responsibility or liability relating to the resources.

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