The SMC is a state-of-the-arts multimedia creation and instruction lab, located on Gorgas Library, Floor 2

New stuff for Fall 2021 - 
Ableton Live and Push are available in the SMC Studio. FL Studio is now on all SMC workstations.


Use our software to bring your multimedia project to life! We provide support for a variety of digital media software, including the entire Adobe Creative Suite, music production software, and video editing programs.


The Sanford Media Center’s employees have the skills to answer your questions at every step along the way. Our professional staff can also give one on one and small group instruction sessions covering almost any multimedia topic you can think
of. We also have training resources available for our recording studio, lighting equipment, and SLR cameras. Almost anything you can imagine, we can help you create.


We are here to help, whether you’re on your own or working on a team. The SMC can provide resources for small groups, and our public data storage option makes collaboration a breeze.