FINES/FEES Policy for Interlibrary Loan
FINES/FEES Policy for Sanford Media Center

Fine rates vary depending on loan period and type of material. All student fines are transferred to the Bursar’s Office and may be paid at the Student Receivables Office, 105 Student Services Center. All other fines may be paid at the circulation desks in any of the UA Libraries. Only cash, checks or money orders are accepted.

Item type Fine Fine maximum
Books, Scores, Government Documents and Curriculum Materials 25 cents per day $10
Sound Recordings and Videos, Bound Periodicals, and Recall Items $1 per day $20
Reserves: 2 hour, 4 hour, 10 hour $1 per hour $20
Reserves: 1 day, 3 day, 7 day, 10 day $2 per day $20
Sanford Media Center $20 per hour $400
Rodgers Library Other Materials $1 per hour $20
Laptops $5 per hour $200
Headphones $1 per hour $20
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Damaged items

  • All materials must be returned in good condition, including all parts.
  • If you return an item damaged, the item will be repaired (if possible), and your account will be charged for the costs of the repairs. If the item cannot be repaired, the appropriate replacement fee will be charged to your account.

Lost items

Any items declared lost are assessed a replacement fee and a $10.00 non-refundable processing fee, as well as the maximum fine for the item. If an item is returned in good condition within one year, the replacement fee may be refunded. The processing fee and fine are non-refundable. The library will not accept a copy of a lost book in lieu of payment.

Item type Considered lost after
Books, Scores, Government Documents and Curriculum Materials 60 days overdue
Sound Recordings and Videos, Bound Periodicals 60 days overdue
Reserves 10 days overdue
Sanford Media Center Equipment 3 days overdue
Rodgers Library Other Materials 10 days overdue
Laptops 24 hours overdue
Headphones 10 days overdue
Interlibrary Loan ILL Fines Page

Replacement Fees

Item type Replacement fee
Books, Scores, Government Documents, Curriculum Materials, Reserves, Sound Recordings, Headphones, and Rodgers Library Other Materials $45.00
Bound Periodicals, Videos, and Calculators $100.00
Sanford Media Center Up to $2,500
Laptops $1,300.00
Interlibrary Loan ILL Fines Page

Appeals procedure for library fines and fees

The borrower is responsible for all checked out library materials. Materials must be returned by the due date, including due dates for recalled items, and returned in the same condition as when checked out. The borrower may appeal a library fine or fee if he/she believes the charge has been assessed in error or is due to extraordinary circumstances. The borrower should initiate the appeal by contacting the respective supervisor of the owning library for the material. The borrower has 6 months to appeal a library fine from the time the fine is issued. The borrower may not place an appeal once the fine has been paid.

Amelia Gayle Gorgas Library

Angelo Bruno Business Library

McLure Education Library

Rodgers Science & Engineering Library

Music Library

Rodgers Science & Engineering Library

Sanford Media Center

Interlibrary Loan

Please provide the supervisor with the following information:

  • Name
  • CWID
  • Official university email address
  • Details of the item(s) and the fine or fee
  • A statement of why you are appealing the fine or fee
  • Any extraordinary circumstances

Your appeal will be investigated promptly and you will receive a response via your official university email address, and your preferred email address if specified.