By using the SMC, students agree to adhere to these policies. All patrons must also abide by the University Libraries Code of Conduct and Acceptable Use Policy. Failure to abide by any of these policies may result in loss of privileges in or expulsion from the SMC.

A training session is required in order to use the SMC studio.

Only currently enrolled University of Alabama students may use the Sanford Media Center. This includes checking out equipment, using the computer stations, and/or consultations and training.

Anyone using the Sanford Media Center must have their own valid UA Action card. No other forms of ID will be accepted.

Patrons cannot use any facilities or services from the Sanford Media Center to support work for a private company or a personal business.

Drink containers with closed, no-spill tops are acceptable. All other types of drink containers are prohibited in the SMC. Determination of acceptable drink containers is at the discretion of the SMC staff.

No food is allowed in the Sanford Media Center.

All patrons must wear appropriate clothing, including a shirt and shoes.


Patrons are encouraged to reserve instruction time and computers. Priority will be given to patrons who have made a reservation in advance.

During fall and spring semesters, the SMC is occasionally reserved for a class or workshop session. In the event that a scheduled class visit conflicts with an individual reservation, scheduled classes will be given priority.

Back-to-back reservations cannot be made in advance.

When making multiple reservations, your request may be limited at the staff’s discretion if your request impedes the overall availability of resources.

Computer stations can initially be reserved for up to 4 hours and may be renewed at the end of your session in two-hour increments if available. Initial reservations may not exceed 4 hours.

After 15 minutes into a reservation, a late patron forfeits his or her reservation and receives a No Call/No Show.

After 5 minutes into a scheduled training time, a late patron forfeits his or her training slot and loses any reservations associated with the resource.

To cancel or reschedule a reservation, please contact the Sanford Media Center at least one hour prior to the appointed time.


Patrons must begin and end their station sessions by checking in/out at the help desk with their valid UA ACTion Card.

The Sanford Media Center staff may end a session without saving patron data if a patron has exceeded their reservation time and someone else is waiting for the station.

Saving work is the sole responsibility of the patron.

Patrons are responsible for any damage done to computers during their session.


The Sanford Media Center and the University of Alabama Libraries accept no responsibility for loss of or damage to patron files.

Saving work is the sole responsibility of the patron.

Before leaving the Sanford Media Center, patrons should store completed project files or in-progress session files to some form of external digital media.

Non-system files will be deleted on a regular basis.

You may save files locally to the UserFileDirectory, a public storage location that is unique to each computer. This space is provided on a first come, first serve basis. Files saved elsewhere will be deleted.

If a patron has a large project for an extended period of time, especially video, the Sanford Media Center recommends the patron purchase a personal external hard drive. The staff will provide support showing how to connect the external drive to the Center’s machines.

Revised August 9, 2016