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The historical annual report collection of the Angelo Bruno Business Library is comprised of paper copies of the annual reports of approximately 1900 American companies. The dates of coverage vary dramatically, with the earliest reports dating from the late nineteenth century and the latest report dating from 1980. The list of reports is posted on this site as an aid to researchers.

The collection is housed in a special section on the second (top) floor of Bruno Library. It is accessible to all library users, and walk-in visitors are welcome. (Visitors not familiar with the library might wish to review our hours and location and read about our photocopy services.)

Loan/Copying Policy

The historical annual reports are not available for check-out or loan except by special permission to University of Alabama faculty. They do not circulate through interlibrary loan.

Due to staffing constraints, it is not possible for Bruno Library to provide copies of these reports to the general public. However, you may hire someone locally to make the copies on your behalf; see the hiring procedures below. Onsite visitors may make copies or scans at the library’s public photocopiers.

Hiring Procedures

If you would like to purchase black and white photocopies of annual reports you may submit a job request to the UA Student Employment Office and hire a student to do the copying. Please contact Sara McGuigan ( or 205-348-1080) first to request information regarding the number of reports available and how many pages there are to be copied. A cost estimate will be provided. There is a ten dollar per hour minimum labor charge for the student’s time and effort, and the library charges five cents per page for copies. These costs as well as shipping will need to be factored into the total cost estimation.

Please prepare a written request covering all details of the job and submit it to the UA Student Employment Office at If you have additional questions about hiring procedures, contact them at 205-348-2971.

Historical Annual Reports Collection