The goal of The University of Alabama’s Archives and Records Management Program (University Archives) is to assist University divisions, colleges, and departments with the management of recorded information.

University Archives is part of The University of Alabama Libraries Division of Special Collections, and is located in the W.S. Hoole Special Collections Library, in Mary Harmon Bryant Hall. University Archives houses and manages temporary and permanent University records. These include administrative, financial, and student records and publications that encompass the day-to-day business and the continuing mission of The University of Alabama.

Temporary records are those records of short term value. Temporary records will be destroyed by the originating office at the end of their retention period.

Permanent records are those records of enduring value that are kept because of their historical importance, or because they are considered to be records that are vital to the ongoing mission of the University.

Access to certain University records may be restricted. Users must obtain permission from the originating office before they can access restricted records.

Retention Schedules

The current retention schedule for The University of Alabama is Public Universities of Alabama Functional Analysis & Records Disposition Authority Revision (RDA), 2005 edition. Revisions to the RDA are listed sequentially by year.

Current Retention Schedule and Revisions

  • 2005 RDA
  • 2006 revision (Retention change to section 7.23 Cash Register Receipt Detail Tapes)
  • 2009 revision (Addition to section 7.23 Cash Register Receipt Detail Tapes)
  • 2010 revision (Addition to Medical/Psychological Care section 3.14 Patient Records)
  • 2013 revision (Special Records Disposition Authority [RDA] or RDA Revisions That Apply to All State Agencies/Colleges/Universities)

ATTENTION: A comprehensive revision of the current retention schedule, Functional Analysis and Records Disposition Authority for Public Universities in Alabama (RDA), is in progress. A draft of the revised RDA is scheduled to be submitted for approval at the October 2016, meeting of the State Records Commission.

Until the revision is approved and finalized, please continue to use the the 2005 RDA, and the subsequent annual revisions. If you have any questions, or if you would like to request any changes to the current RDA, please contact Kevin Ray at records@ua.edu or (205) 348-6390.

Policies and Procedures

Please note that we have updated our policies and procedures to transfer records to and request records from university archives. For more information, see our Policies and Procedures page, or contact Kevin Ray at records@ua.edu or (205) 348-6390.

For other questions, please contact records@ua.edu or Gates Winters at (205) 348-0502.