Note: For specific information regarding photographing at the W. S. Hoole Special Collections Library, please see the Hoole Library Photographic Policy.

Public Outside Areas:

Photographing outside areas of the Campus does not require advance permission. But photographers are expected to inform the office of University Relations before taking photographs. Photographers are required to get permission when photographing for commercial purposes.

Inside Library Buildings

Press and Publicity Photography 
Before photographing inside University Libraries buildings, photographers must receive permission to photograph from the Director of Public Relations. The request will be evaluated and the requestor will be informed whether permission has been granted or denied.

The photographer must always ask for consent of individuals, before taking their picture, while the individuals are inside library buildings.

Personal Photography
Personal photography and filming is permitted without permission inside library buildings, provided the photographing does not disrupt activities of staff or patrons. However, photographers must obtain permission from a Department Head to photograph or film in staff only areas. Personal photography is defined as "a picture taken by an individual/sight-seer using a simple hand-held, self-contained camera".

Commercial Photography
When the purpose is commercial photography, the photographer is required to receive permission from the office of University Relations. A photographer must present written permission to photograph inside the Libraries to the Director of Public Relations prior to photographing.

Note: This policy doesn't apply to photographing done by University Relations and the UA Athletic Department.

Approved by Dean's Council 
March 11, 2003; revised May 20, 2011