Digital Camera Use Policy

The W.S. Hoole Special Collections Library permits limited patron photography in the Reading Room.  To avoid disrupting other users, please take careful note of the following policies.

We reserve the right to deny requests or revoke the photographic privileges of users.

  1. Photographs are for reference purposes only and may not be reproduced, shared with others, published, or posted on the web. Images for publication must be requested by submitting an Imaging and Digitization Request form and an Application to Publish form. Fees will apply.
  2. Researchers will be provided with an identifying strip to include in each photograph. 
  3. Only digital cameras or cell phones may be used; clicks and audible alerts must be disabled. No tripods, camera flashes, digital SLRs or special lighting are permitted.
  4. Researchers may not stand on chairs or rearrange furniture to get a better image. 
  5.  Researchers must remain in clear view of the attending staff member and may be asked to move to accommodate this need.  
  6. All materials must be handled carefully, and a staff member is available to assist you with handling items. Bound volumes must be supported in a book cradle; pressure must not be applied to bindings. Unbound material must remain in its original folder and be kept in original order.
  7. The use of reproductions from materials in copyright is subject to fair-use provisions of Title 17, United States Code.
  8. No pictures may be taken of the reading room itself, other researchers, or the staff.
  9. It is each user’s responsibility to keep complete and accurate citations (complete location information) for all items photographed. Subsequent orders for high-resolution images cannot be processed without this information.