Getting Started Videos

How to Log in:This video demonstrates the three methods for logging in to a Chromebook
How to Log out:This video demonstrates how to log out from a Chromebook
Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts:This video shows five of Chrome’s keyboard shortcuts
How to Print: This video demonstrates how to print using a Chromebook
Language Settings:This video demonstrates how to change the language settings on a Chromebook
Accessibility Settings:This video demonstrates the accessibility settings on a Chromebook

Next Steps Videos

Chrome Privacy:This video shows a brief overview of how a browser works and highlights Chrome’s privacy features
Chrome Settings:This video shows a brief overview of what user can configure in Chrome settings — startup pages, new tab page, passwords, etc.
Web Searches and Suggestions:This video shows a brief overview of searching and suggestions in Chrome
Browser Cookies:This video show a brief overview of what cookies are/do
Safe Browsing:This video shows a brief overview of safe browsing in Chrome

 Known Issues:

  • Blackboard Collaborate: You will be unable to participate in Blackboard Collaborate sessions.
  • Tegrity: You will be able to view Tegrity (lecture capture) recordings but unable to record a presentation through Tegrity.
  • Blackboard: You will be unable to use Copy & Paste in the text editor in Blackboard.
  • Lockdown Browser: Students will be unable to take Blackboard tests that require LockDown Browser.
  • TurningPoint: Faculty will be unable to run the TurningPoint 5 software to capture clicker responses.

 University Libraries supported applications and alternatives:

  • Autodesk ForceEffect
  • Autodesk Homestyler
  • Human 3.0
  • Mathematica
  • MatLab
  • Microsoft Office Online