The University of Alabama Libraries are not a depository for foreign governments or international agencies. Some materials are purchased and shelved in the regular collection.  Below are selected Web resources for finding international governmental information.

Selected web resources:

  • Foreign Governments (Northwestern University)
  • Foreign Information by Country (University of Colorado)
  • Country Studies (Library of Congress)
  • Constitution Finder (University of Richmond) – contains current and former Constitutions from nations all over the world (resource may not be active).
  • International Organizations and Related Information (University of Michigan) (resource may not be active)
  • Comprehensive List of IGO’s (Northwestern University)

Selected UA Resources:

  • Guide to Finding International Information (Bruno Business Library)
  • PAIS International (off-campus access restricted to U of Alabama affiliates)
  • OECD iLibrary (off-campus access restricted to U of Alabama affiliates)
  • World dataBank (World Bank)