ALDOCS is a list that aims to provide news, information, and discussion especially for library employees who work with government information, publications, and data at all levels throughout the state of Alabama. The University of Alabama Libraries is one of two Regional Federal Depository Libraries in the state, and along with Auburn University Montgomery are responsible for the governance of the Federal Depository Library Program in Alabama. This list was created to improve communication and discussion amongst librarians and library staff across the state. It is moderated by Kelly Wilson, Government Documents Librarian at Troy University (kelly.m.wilson2011 [AT]

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Send an email message, including the email address and name of the person to be subscribed/unsubscribed, to Kelly Wilson (kelly.m.wilson2011 [AT]

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Send your email message to ALDOCS [AT] Please include a descriptive subject line and your name and institutional affiliation.

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News, announcements, discussion of issues, reference questions & tips, needs and offers lists, user access, and any other topics which relate directly or indirectly to depository library operations and/or the use of government information in the state of Alabama.