Spring 2021 Events Guidelines

In keeping with the desire to offer more in person experiences for students in Spring 2021, we will be able to host at least one student-centered event from campus organizations daily M-F between 8am-5pm and at least 2 movie nights per month in the evenings in the Camellia Room (Room 2020 in Gorgas Library).

  1. Student-centered events are defined as any event that serves to promote the academic or social needs of current UA students. As such, the primary audience/participants for such events must be current UA students.   
  2. The Camellia Room will be available as a space for in-person student-centered events in the Spring of 2021 once per day, Monday through Friday, between 8AM and 12PM or between 1PM and 5PM.  
  3. Each event will have a maximum time limit of 2 hours.  
  4. For all events, the maximum number of attendees will be 25.
  5. Our spaces will not be available to start the Spring 2021 semester for stakeholders who do not intend to host a student-centered event. This may change as the semester progresses and we will update our guidelines accordingly and notify campus stakeholders.     
  6. We will make also the Camellia Room available for at least two movie nights per month in the evenings, where organizers may use University Libraries licensed streaming video collections. 
  7. Campus organizations should contact Michael Pearce pearc007@ua.edu or Emily Burnett emburnett@ua.edu to schedule a movie night. Faculty who would like to screen films licensed in our collections for their students should contact their library liaison to coordinate scheduling and messaging.

For all events, masks and social distancing will be required, and students must make a reservation to attend, so that we can stay within social distancing guidelines. When planning events, we will provide you a link to the reservation system for students to use. Students must also present their Guidesafe Passport when attending events. 

Other guidelines for events in the Spring 2021 include:

  • Event organizers must have enough staff on hand to manage checking students in with their Guidesafe Passports, and enforce mask and social distancing guidelines when using our spaces.
  • For each event, students will be allowed to bring their own beverages or snacks, but must wear masks at all times when not eating or drinking.    
  • Event organizers who wish to provide food must do so in a take-out fashion. Students may pick up boxed or individually wrapped food items to be consumed elsewhere. Beverages must be single serve to be a part of any events. 


The primary purpose of University Libraries facilities is to provide educational and research opportunities for The University of Alabama students and faculty, and for library faculty/staff.


University Libraries reserves the right to change or cancel any events. This is very rare, and should this happen, we will contact you with as much notice as possible.

University Libraries is able to make one space available for meetings, workshops, small conferences, special events, and other approved functions. The spaces are not available for standing meetings, regularly-scheduled class sessions, study hall, or recurring events and series. The spaces cannot be reserved for personal use by University faculty/staff or students.

University registered student organizations, University Departments, and faculty/staff organizations are eligible to reserve a space for events which have an anticipated audience of no fewer than 30 people and:

  • have faculty and/or current or prospective students as their primary audience
  • have an academic focus (for example: lectures, readings, book signings, academic awards ceremonies, exhibits, or performances)
  • promote the exchange of ideas and intellectual debate, or
  • honor students, faculty, and friends of the University for outstanding service or achievement


University Libraries will consider requests on a first-come, first-served basis. For space availability, please contact the University Libraries Events Coordinator at emburnett@ua.edu or 205-348-5543.

Room reservation request forms must be submitted for each individual event.

Rooms can only be reserved when the building is open. University Libraries hours and exceptions can be found on the libraries homepage.

General Guidelines

  1. The scheduling of events will be based on space availability and approval by University Libraries. University Libraries reserves the right to refuse any reservation request.
  2. Meetings held in University Libraries must not disturb normal library operations. University Libraries reserves the right to disallow or stop events that are disruptive to normal library operations.
  3. Furniture should not be removed from the spaces and no outside furniture can be brought in without prior approval.
  4. Seating arrangements are discussed during the reservation process. If furniture is rearranged during an event, all furniture should be returned to the original layout and condition as it was when the group arrived.
  5. The sponsoring organization will be assessed the full replacement cost for any damaged furniture, carpeting, or equipment that is damaged due to willful abuse and/or negligence.
  6. The sponsoring organization is responsible for removing all food and discarding all trash outside of the building to the nearest dumpster.
  7. No signage or decorations are permitted without the prior approval of University Libraries. Tape, tacks or nails are not allowed on any walls, woodwork, tables, monitors or screens. Groups will be billed for any damages that occur during their event.
  8. The sponsoring organization may not charge admission to their event.
  9. Groups reserving space are required to observe all applicable policies of University Libraries and The University of Alabama, as well as all local, state, and federal laws.
  10. University Libraries is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged property belonging to the members of the sponsoring organization utilizing the facilities.
  11. University Libraries reserves the right to deny use or continued use of its facilities to any person or organization not complying with applicable policies or procedures.

Food and Beverage

All catering arrangements are the responsibility of the sponsoring organization. The caterer must be chosen from the list of caterers approved by the University of Alabama. A representative for the sponsoring event must be present to accept any vender deliveries or catering. The sponsoring organization is responsible for removing excess food, discarding trash, and wiping down tables after event. To request access to the catering kitchen, please make note in your reservation request or contact emburnett@ua.edu.

To serve alcoholic beverages at an event, University Libraries must receive an approved Request to Serve Alcoholic Beverages at Events on Campus form, complete with all signatures prior to the event date.


The sponsoring organization is primarily responsible for arranging marketing materials and publicity. These materials should contain consistent messages and present the University Libraries official logo. Please contact emburnett@ua.edu for logos.

Walk-through Viewing

Groups are encouraged to do a walk-through of the space during administrative business hours prior to their event. During the walk-through, groups can test the AV equipment and determine if the setup will suit their needs. Please contact emburnett@ua.edu to schedule a walk-thru when the space is available. The spaces remain locked at all times when not in use.


Parking is governed by UA Parking Services and is the sole responsibility of the sponsoring organization.

Policy Exceptions

Any exceptions to this policy require the approval of University Libraries.

Gorgas Meeting Rooms Technology

Laptops Available:

  • MacBook Pro with Touchbar- 3 Thunderbolt ports, USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter provided
  • Dell Latitude 7400- USB and HDMI ports, Windows 10

Laptops are connected to the UA wireless network. Laptops use the Crestron AirMedia application or HDMI connection to display picture to the LED video wall.

Presenters are encouraged to have their presentation saved to a USB flash drive or the ability to pull it from email or other web based application.
If the presenter chooses to use their own device, it must have an HDMI port or adapter to connect an HDMI cable.

Accessories Available:

  • Handheld microphone
  • Hand-free lapel microphone
  • Presentation clicker

For questions regarding supporting devices or additional a/v specs, please contact Emily Burnett at emburnett@ua.edu, or 205-348-5543.