Reserve a Carrel

Graduate Student and Faculty Carrel Policy

Carrels are intended to support research and academic work by University of Alabama faculty and graduate students. Due to the popularity of these rooms, the library has established reservation policies for their use.

Carrels may be reserved by faculty and graduate students for a three hour time slot. An additional three hour time slot may be reserved for a total of six hours per reservation.

The faculty member or graduate student making the reservation decides what to enter in the “Public name for reservation” and anyone can see that field, information. Your NetID will not be publicly visible. Past room reservation information is kept for statistical purposes and would be disclosed to law enforcement upon request.

  • Carrels are for use by UA faculty and graduate students involved in active research; preference will be given to graduate students.
  • Carrels may be reserved only during the hours the library is open. Occupant must exit the building at closing time.
  • Faculty and graduate students may reserve carrels in 3 hour blocks. They may reserve carrels for up to 3 hours with the option to reserve two 3 hour blocks back-to-back. Carrels may be reserved for shorter periods of time, when they are available. Faculty and graduate students will be limited to two reservations per week.
  • Carrels are intended to be used by one individual per carrel.
  • If carrel is not occupied within 15 minutes of the start time of the reservation, the reservation is cancelled, and the carrel is available to another person.
  • If a carrel is not occupied and not reserved, please see the Circulation Desk for availability.
  • If individuals are engaging in unacceptable and/or disruptive behavior as stated in the Libraries Code of Conduct, appropriate actions will be taken. Use of devices that may disturb others in adjacent carrels or in the open areas are not permitted.
  • Windows and glass panels may not be covered.
  • Household appliances (i.e., coffee pots, electric heaters, toaster ovens, toasters) are not allowed in the carrels.
  • No additional furniture may be moved into the carrels.
  • Carrels should be left in clean condition, all trash and materials must be removed.
  • Failure to return the key at the end of the reservation to the Gorgas Library Circulation Desk located on second floor, will result in a non-refundable fine of $25. This applies to all users, including faculty.
  • If the carrel is in need of cleaning or maintenance, notify the Gorgas Library Circulation Desk immediately. The Library is not responsible for the loss or theft of personal property. If you leave the room unattended, you risk the loss of your possessions. Lost and Found items are deposited at the Circulation Services Desk in each Library.

Revised 8/16/2017