• Carrels are restricted to faculty and doctoral students in the writing stage of dissertation. Doctoral students will be asked to provide verification from their divisions that they are in the dissertation stage. Visiting scholars may be assigned carrels on a space-available basis.
  • Carrel assignments are made on the basis of day-of-application eligibility of applicant, and availability of space.
  • Carrels will be assigned in the following priority: active faculty, doctoral students in the writing stage of their dissertation, retired faculty, and visiting scholars.
  • Due to heavy demand for carrels, two or more persons may be assigned to one room, when space permits. If this occurs, all occupants will be notified of the names of other occupants.
  • Carrel assignments are renewed at the end of spring semester. The renewal period is for one year. Renewal is contingent upon adequate use.

Key Policy

  • Carrel keys may not be duplicated or loaned to other individuals. Failure to honor this regulation may result in the loss of the carrel.
  • Report lost keys to the secretary to the dean of libraries, room 201 Gorgas Library. Lost keys will be duplicated by the library at the cost to the carrel holder of $5.00 each.

Library Materials Policy

  • All library materials used in the carrels must be checked out at the circulation desk. Uncharged and overdue library materials will be removed from carrels by authorized library staff.
  • At the end of each term, the carrels will be checked for library materials that are not properly checked out. However, the Libraries reserve the right to check carrels at any time it is deemed appropriate.

General Policies

  • Carrels may be used only during posted library hours. Failure to honor this regulation may result in the loss of the carrel.
  • The Libraries are not responsible for personal possessions kept in the study rooms. For the protection of occupants, carrels must be locked when they are not in use.
  • Telephone messages will not be delivered to carrels except in extreme emergencies.
  • No library staff member is allowed to give out carrel room numbers unlesswritten permission from the occupant is on file
  • Repair cost for physical damage to carrels and/or Libraries' equipment are the responsibility of the carrel holder.
  • The Gorgas Library is a smoke-free building; therefore, smoking is prohibited in study carrels.
  • Electrical appliances are prohibited in the carrels with the exception of desk lamps, fans, electric typewriters, and personal computers.

General Information

For help with situations such as those listed below, contact the Libraries Administration Office, 201 Gorgas Library, or call (205) 348-7561 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and ask for the dean's secretary.

  • To make application for a study carrel
  • To inquire about the status of an application for a study carrel
  • To report lost/stolen keys
  • To report a problem with a carrel-mate
  • To ask about carrel policy that does not concern library materials
  • To voice general suggestions or complaints
  • To report maintenance problems (e.g. lights out, other electrical problems)
  • To report theft/vandalism
  • To ask about carrel policies concerning library materials

For help after hours (any problem encountered after the Libraries Administration Office is closed (nights, weekends, and holidays), seek assistance at the Gorgas Library circulation desk or call (205) 348-9784.

Revised 12/06/00