Gifts Statement

From the founding of the University, the University Libraries collections have been enriched by generous gifts of books and other materials. The University Libraries welcomes such gifts when they align with collection parameters and support the University’s mission of teaching, research, and service.

Terms of Acceptance

Gifts are evaluated by the same standards used to evaluate new additions to the collections. Gift materials that do not meet the established collection criteria may be sold or discarded. Upon receipt, all gifts become the property of the University Libraries. University Libraries reserves the right to retain or reject gift materials and to determine location and conditions of use.

Donation Guidelines

University Libraries does not accept the following materials:

  • Duplicates of materials already in University Libraries
  • Textbooks (see the Libraries’ textbook policies)
  • Scientific and technical materials more than 10 years old, unless of historical significance
  • Single or scattered issues of newspapers, magazines, or scholarly journals
  • Outdated media formats
  • Photocopies
  • Popular books and magazines (i.e., Time, National Geographic, Good Housekeeping)
  • Items in poor physical condition including those with loose bindings, brittle paper, or heavy annotations
  • Dirty, moldy, mildewed, or insect infested item

University Libraries will generally acknowledge gifts and place a bookplate in each item added to the collection at the request of the donor.  Requests for memorial inscriptions on bookplates will be accommodated whenever possible. Bookplates are not added to gifts in Special Collections.

Tax Information & Appraisals

University Libraries cannot appraise gifts made to it. Gifts may be considered non-cash donations under IRS regulations; however, these regulations are complex and donors may wish to consult a tax, legal or accounting professional. IRS regulations and The University of Alabama policies prohibit the Libraries from providing appraisals or from advising on appraisals of gifts. Donors may wish to read IRS Publication 526, Charitable Contributions and/or IRS Publication 561 Determining the Value of Donated Property and/or consult with an attorney or an accountant. Please complete a Donor Form with each gift. For donations to Special Collections, please consult Special Collections Collection Policy to identify areas of concentration and see the contact information below.  Gifts offered to Special Collections require discussion in advance of applicable conditions and donors should contact Special Collections prior to making a donation.


Donors of large gifts (more than a single box) are encouraged to contact the University Libraries to discuss the appropriateness of the gift. Donors of materials for the general collections should contact: Michael Arthur Senior Associate Dean The University of Alabama Box 870266 Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35487-0266 205-348-1493 General Collections Gift & Donation Form 


Donors of manuscripts, personal papers, rare books, maps, photographs or other graphic materials, and materials related to The University of Alabama should contact: Michael Arthur Senior Associate Dean The University of Alabama Box 870266 Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35487-0266 205-348-1493 

Rev. 2/9/09; accepted 2/12/09; rev9/14/17; rev 1/29/24