1. UA patrons who do not return ILL material within the timeframe allotted by the lending institution are automatically blocked by the ILL system until the material is returned and/or the fine is paid. They may also be blocked in the Voyager circulation module as well.
  2. If the UA ILL department receives an invoice for lost or late material, these fines will be passed on to the patron.
  3. If the ILL material is returned prior to the payment of an invoice, the patron will only be fined a late fee.
  4. If any invoices are paid by the University, the fees will not be forgiven if/when the material is returned by the patron, as there may be no way to re-coup money from the lending institution.
  5. Removal of the ILL label, band or slips from any ILL materials may result in a fine.
  6. Abuse of the ILL system may result in the suspension of ILL privileges for up to a full academic year, at the discretion of the UA Libraries. This is dependent upon the severity of the infraction and whether restitution is made for any lost material.