A. Library Collections

    1. Requests for materials may be made via the Libraries’ Catalog.
    2. Articles from periodicals will be provided in the manner preferred by the requestor. Options include email (PDF),  or the original in the bound volume.
    3. All items housed in the Libraries Archival Facility can be retrieved and checked out according to University Libraries Circulation Policies.
    4. Items are retrieved from the Archival Facility twice a day Monday through Friday. Items are not retrieved on weekends or University holidays.
    5. All physical items requested before 10:00 am will be received by 11:00 am that same day. All items requested before 2:00 pm will be received by 3:00 pm the same day. Any items requested after 2:00 pm will be available by 11:30 am the following business day.All electronic (articles) items requested between 7:45 am and 1:30 pm will be sent by 5:00 pm the same day. Requests made after 1:30 pm will be sent noon the following day.The Archival Facility does not operate on weekends or on official university holidays. All items requested during these times will be filled the following business day. Note: These are the general rules we try to live by, however there are rare occasions when items will be delayed. Items not picked up within 10 days will be returned to the Archival Facility.
    6. The Archival Facility is not open to the public. In special circumstances, permission for researchers to use library collections in the Archival Facility workroom may be requested by contacting the Libraries’ Archival Facility Manager, 348-7658.
    7. An item housed in the Archival Facility may be sent to another institution’s library for Interlibrary Loan if that item would normally be available for that purpose.
    8. The staff of the Archival Facility, reporting to the Associate Dean for Research & Instruction, is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the Archival Facility, including retrieving and re-shelving materials.
  1. For safety and security reasons, staff access to library collections in the Archival Facility is limited to designated library employees as approved by the Associate Dean for Research & Instruction.

B. University Records

  1. Materials placed in University Records remain the property of the originating department. Hence, the originating department may borrow only its own files from the Archival Facility.
  2. University Records materials that are restricted for whatever reason or materials for which the requestor does not have authorized access may not be borrowed.
  3. University Records are generally retrieved daily. Top priority requests are retrieved on demand.
  4. Requests for University Records are made to University Archives and Records Management personnel, via fax, phone, or email.
    • Institutional Records Assistant, Kevin Ray, phone 348-0503, e-mail kray@ua.edu, fax 348-1699.
  5. The Archival Facility is not open to the public. Attorneys, state auditors, and originating department members may use University Records collections in the Archival Facility workroom with the permission of the Institutional Records Analyst and by appointment only.
  6. Staff access to the University Records section of the Archival Facility shelving area is limited to designated University Records and Special Collections staff authorized by the Institutional Records Analyst or the Curator of the W.S. Hoole Special Collections Library.
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