NOTE: City code and state statutes prohibit notices on any curb, tree, mail box, utility pole, or public building.

The following provisions apply to all University Libraries buildings:

  1. At no time are posters, flyers, or other materials to be affixed to the outside or inside of the buildings (except on designated bulletin boards).
  2. Organizations or individuals may use non-departmental bulletin boards for publicity if all posted items are dated and are attached with thumbtacks or push pins. No staples allowed. The libraries reserve the right to remove any advertisements, printed material, or publicity from any part of any library building or bulletin board. Organizations or individuals posting materials in non-bulletin board areas will be required to remove those materials or possibly lose the privilege of posting materials in library buildings.
  3. Library student assistants from the Libraries Administration Office will be responsible for maintaining the bulletin boards on the stairwells in Gorgas Library.
  4. Newspapers (except the Crimson-White) may not be distributed except in closed boxes located outside library buildings.