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One-on-one Consultations
The media center specialists offer students one-on-one consultations covering any of the software and equipment available in the SMC. Patrons must make an appointment with the Sanford Media Center staff at least 24-hours in advance of desired consultation time.
Peer-to-peer Consultations
Would you prefer to learn from one of your fellow students? We also offer consultations taught by the students who work at the SMC. These sessions are at set times each week and can be on a range of software, including Final Cut Pro, Logic, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Garageband and iMovie.
Required SMC training
A selection of SMC resources require training to ensure that patrons have the knowledge necessary to use the equipment and resources in the most efficient and useful method. These resources are the SMC recording studio, Light Kit 2, and all DSLR cameras and lenses.
Students may schedule consultations and training sessions with a specialist by calling the SMC Help Desk at 348-4651 or by email ( If sending an email, you must wait for a confirmation email to ensure your requested appointment time. All appointments with a specialist require at least a 24-hour notice so that we can make sure the best possible person is available to you. The training schedule is available on our equipment page.
Class tours, presentations and instruction sessions
The SMC supports class projects and assignments. Whether it’s a tour of the SMC to introduce students to the resources provided, a class presentation, a software instruction session, or working with faculty and instructors to design multimedia assignments, Lindley Shedd, the Media Services Coordinator, will be happy to work with you.
Tutorials and other learning materials
A selection of DVD tutorials, access to online training resources and a selection of instructional books are available for use in the Sanford Media Center.