How to print

Select Print from the file menu
Choose Black & White or Color (where available)
  • Type your name in the pop-up window
  • Type a print job name (color printing only)
Swipe your Action/Community User card at the printing station
Select your print job
Click Print

Where to print, scan, or copy

Floor Number Printers Scanners Photocopiers
Floor 1 6 1 1
Floor 2 3 1 1
Floor 4 2 2 2
Floor Number Printers Scanners Photocopiers
Lower level 1 1 1
Main floor 3 2 2
Upper level 1
Floor Number Printers Scanners Photocopiers
First floor 3 1 1
Second floor 1 1 1
Floor Number Printers Scanners Photocopiers
Ground level 2 2
Floor 1 2 2 2

Put money on your Action/Community Card

With a credit card

Log into the Action Card MyAccounts website and add cash using your credit card. Action Card Only

With cash

Deposit cash into one of the printing card dispenser machines located in Gorgas, Bruno, McLure, and Rodgers Libraries.

Print from your laptop

Download and install the drivers linked below

Windows Drivers

OS X Drivers


  • For PC, download the driver file from the link above. When it is done downloading, locate the file, right-click it, and choose “Run as administrator”. It will install the driver package for the libraries.
  • For Mac, download the driver file from the link above. When it is done downloading, mount the file and unzip it to run the .dmg file. It will install the driver package for the libraries.
  • After installing package on PC laptop, browse to Devices and Printers and set your default printer to BW or color.
  • After installing package on Mac laptop, open Printers and Scanners and choose either BW or color as your default printer.
You can now print to the Libraries printers just as you can from UA Libraries public computers.

Mobile Print & Copy Station

Email an attached file to or
  • Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, IMG, TXT, or Visio Document under 50 MB.
Follow the link in the reply email from When you use the Mobile print & copy station for the FIRST TIME ONLY, you must register with your mybama username and password through this link.
At any Mobile Print & Copy Station, swipe your action card. The FIRST TIME ONLY, you will be prompted to enter your mybama username and password. Use the copier touch screen. You will see a list with only your print jobs. Select the print job(s).
Touch print to output the job(s) you have selected from your list. After they print, please remember to log out on the touch screen.
Mobile printing stations are located on the 1st floor of Gorgas (in front of the GIS desk), on the 1st floor of Rodgers near the 3D Printing stations, on the 1st (middle) floor of Bruno on the south end of the building, in the reading room of Hoole, and left of the circulation desk in McLure.

Get a Community User Card $1

Purchase a reusable Community User Card from a printing card dispenser located in Gorgas, Bruno, McLure and Rodgers Libraries.
Add money to your new card by depositing cash into the printing card dispenser

Get a University Department Card $3

Complete a Departmental Transfer form.
Take it to the Action Card Office in the Campus Drive deck.


Scanning does not cost any money except in Hoole Special Collections Library. However, you must have money on your Action/Community card to be able to scan.

Copying/scanning costs in Hoole Special Collections Library

Black and white

  • 8.5×11 or 8.5×14: 25 cents per copy
  • 11X17: 50 cents per copy


  • 8.5X11 or 8.5X14: 1.00 per copy
  • 11X17: 3.00 per copy

Copies from microfilm printers

  • 8.5X11: 10 cents per copy


If you have trouble printing, copying or scanning, contact the Circulation Desk for the library you’re in.