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Letters written by Private Earl Elmer Stewart of the Headquarter Company, 70th Artillery, Coast Artillery Command from April 5, 1918 to March 4, 1919 to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Elmer Stewart of English, Crawford County, Indiana.
Diary of Episcopal minister William A. Stickney contains entries dated from 1841-1847. The diary documents Stickney's life as a college student at LaGrange College in Franklin County, Alabama, the University of Alabama, and the General Theological Seminary in New York City. Entries provide information about Stickney's daily life, as well as descriptions of religious services he attended and led, and a description of his personal devotions.
This collection consists of 58 letters written by and to LaVerne Stoner of Seattle, Washington, between 1937 and 1949. The letters are arranged first by Outgoing (arranged by date) followed by those Incoming (arranged by correspondent, then by date). The bulk of the letters are written by LaVerne to her husband, Henry T. Stoner, while he was in the Navy aboard the U.S.S. Brazos (1937-1939), the U.S.S. Yorktown (1945), and the U.S.S. Chipola (1949). These letters mainly relate the almost daily events of friends and family in Seattle. Two of the incoming letters are from her mother (name unknown) in Seattle urging LaVerne to come back to Seattle while she is pregnant.
A postcard from Alban W. Storehalder to his brother, E.J. Storehalder of Bowling Green, Ohio, telling of his transfer to Co F 146th U.S. Infantry at Camp Sheridan, Alabama.
A collection of documents relating to the bankruptcy case of Thomas B. Strong of Madison County, Alabama.
A January 1927 letter by W. C. Strong of Mobile, Alabama, recounting the circumstances surrounding the death of Robert F. Bell, Jr., an employee of the Munson Steam Ship Company docks who died on the job in late 1926.
Letters from a World War II Air Force serviceman to his family in New Hampshire while he was stationed at Gunter Field in Alabama during the spring and summer of 1945.
A letter sent via V-Mail from E. A. Stuart to his in-laws, Mr. and Mrs. Nichols of Clinton, Iowa.
One letter from C. C. Stught of Lawrenceburg, Indiana, to Susie Baker of Verona (Illinois, Ohio, or Michigan). He told her of his new job and several dances he attended, and he expressed a wish to see her soon.
Claes-Elof Sundstrom writes to Lars and Bernice Swing. Included in the letter are three newspaper clippings about gas and oil prices. The letter is written in Swedish. Translation unavailable at this time.
This collection contains materials relating to the University of Alabama Supply Store, also known as the Supe Store. Currently, it contains promotional graphics from the 1960s.
Four bound sketchbooks filled with drawings by Swatkins, a World War I era permit book, issued in England to John Alfred Swatkins, and a letter from noted British author Marie Corelli in Stratford-on-Avon, to Swatkins, complimenting his work and inquiring if it was ever used in the London press or by publishers.
The collection contains eleven letters addressed to various members of the Swenson family in Dayton, Iowa, with the majority sent to Everett Swenson from his sister Viola and granddaughter Ina. Earlier letters were to Emelia Swenson from her sister Betty
Letters from Roy Swindell and Sara Swindell to their family, who lived in Chattanooga, and later Nashville, Tennessee. The letters discuss missing home, traveling for work, and Bible verses. One letter is from Sara to their son James, an officer in the armed services during World War II.
This collection consists of a scrapbook created by Daniel J. Swist, an alumnus of the University of Alabama. The scrapbook covers the years 1937-1943 and contains many annotated photographs of friends and colleagues of Daniel Swist.
Margaret S. sends well-wishes to Julia Arthur of Chicago, Illinois.
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