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A diploma for having completed the course of study at Tuscaloosa Female Academy, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Two poems Henderson submitted for publication in the Alabama Bible Society Quarterly in 1962 and related correspondence.
Writings of James A. Henderson of the Twelveth Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment while stationed at Centre, Alabama, in December 1865.
Correspondence, concert programs, and other documents from this Tuskegee Institute graduate
Scrapbooks of this Tuscaloosa, Alabama, women's organization documenting their monthly meetings, trips, and events.
The Alexander Hicks Letters contain three letters written probably during or shortly after the conclusion of the American Civil War. Hicks writes that he is in reasonably good health, his company of soldiers has an abundance of clothes and food, and hopes to return home soon. One letter, written from Hicks' sister, begs to know if he is dead or alive.
Memory book documenting the senior year of Lola Higginbotham, a 1924 graduate of McAdory High School.
Hilda writes to Mrs. Sherman F. Gilpin of Wyncote, Pennsylvania, about her lodgings in Texas and further travel plans to Mexico.
Alleen Hill's girlhood friends write to her in Louisville, Kentucky, with news about their lives and reminiscences of a childhood in Greenville, Kentucky.
Contains one inventory, written by N. Hill, of Almira Hill's farm property and livestock.
Incomplete typescript of Henrietta McCormick Hill's memoirs, later published as A Senator's Wife Remembers: From the Great Depression to the Great Society
Subject files, correspondence, reports, and other materials by, to, and about this Alabama senator who served in the U. S. House of Representatives from 1923- 1938 and the U. S. Senate from 1938-1969.
Records, mostly correspondence of Rabbi Henry A. Fischel (1948-1956), relating to the activities of the Hillel Foundation and its role in student life at the University of Alabama.
This collection consists of one letter, written by a Union soldier from Indiana in February of 1862. In this letter written from Paducah, Kentucky, the soldier provides a detailed description of the Battle of Fort Henry. He writes about finding 19 dead "Rebels" in a mud hole and says that he captured a mule and a fine rifle. He also mentions the gunning of the Essex.
Correspondence, clippings, notes, and publications from the office of Congressman Earl F. Hilliard, representative for Alabama's 7th Congressional District from 1993-2003.
Contains photocopies of correspondence of Henry Washington Hilliard with others, regarding his various diplomatic appointments, as Foreign Minister to Belgium and Berlin.
Anna Hitzig's short note to Mrs. Sutter tells about a new club member, Mrs. Neil Christian, who has just paid her dues.
Correspondence, memoranda, pamphlets, government publications and other materials concerning Samuel Francis Hobbs's career as the U.S. Congressman (1934-1951) from the 4th district of Alabama.
The collection contains diaries of an Alabama lawyer, planter, and legislator from Athens, Limestone County, Alabama. Included is a three-month diary from 1862, when Hobbs was Captain of Co. F., Ninth Alabama Infantry Regiment during the Civil War. The diaries also cover his time as a legislator representing Limestone County, Alabama; his support for the railroads; and his work on the family plantation.
Papers of a World War II German POW held in Canada.
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