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Receipts for purchases and letters about bills. Two letters were sent to Lena Bolton from a friend discussing their daily life, the health of family members, and a request for money.
The document by which W. N. Smith was guaranteed as a bonded constable for the Snow Hill Precinct of Wilcox County, Alabama, as well as Smith's signed oath of allegiance to the Confederate States of America.
The document by which W. N. Smith was guaranteed as a bonded constable for the Snow Hill Precinct of Wilcox County, Alabama, as well as Smith's signed oath of allegiance to the Confederate States of America.
Copy of hand-written description of childhood, marriage, and motherhood in Virginia.
This collection contains the constitution, membership lists, articles of faith, rules of decorum, records of church activities 1843-1904, and church register, 1862-1935, giving lists of members and of pastors of this Methodist church in Northport, Alabama.
Thermo-fax copy of letter dated 19 October 1958 by Bonner to Professor James H. Newman, executive vice-president University of Alabama, summarizing Bonner's trip to England, also a brief letter dated 21 October by Newman to W.S. Hoole, to whom he forwarded Bonner's letter.
Scrapbook of poems and short stories clipped from unidentified newspapers, circa 1845.
Correspondence, scrapbooks, litigation papers, speeches, editorials, etc., of this Pulitzer Prize winner and long-time Tuscaloosa News editor.
Letters to and from members of the Booth family. Family and friends write about their experiences farming and raising livestock in Missouri, Ohio, Illinois, and Iowa from 1857 to 1883.
Joseph Booth of Carroll County, Ohio wrote to his brother Jeremiah Booth, of Arlington, Illinois, discussing the death of their mother and other personal issues.
The collection consists of one ledger containing court records of cases relating to bootlegging and illegal distillery operations. Although one of the crimes took place in north Alabama, there is no indication of where other crimes took place or where these cases were prosecuted.
This collection consists of photocopies of records, including board meeting minutes, the covenant, rules of decorum, lists of members, of members received, and resolutions by this Caledonia, Mississippi church.
Thirteen letters written by Morris E. Boss and members of the Boss family of Binghamton, New York.
A letter dated 13 August 1847, from Eldorado, Arkansas to Boswell's cousin, Elizabeth A. Boswell of Pike County, Alabama. It discusses the health of family members, crops, and weather, and urges Elizabeth to persuade her father to move to Arkansas.
A letter written by Jesse Boulton in Boone County, Missouri, to his parents in Dover, Kentucky, telling them his wife, Mary died of bronchitis after being ill with typhoid fever, leaving him with two small children, Mary Alice and David Rice.
Letters to and from Georgia Bovell during the 1880s. Georgia, a young teacher in Illinois corresponds with family and friends as she tries to find a position and settle down. Her friends, also teachers, share their experiences in the school room.
Includes several letters written by Beulah of Brodhead, Wisconsin, to her mother, a letter with a job offer to Beulah, and a letter to her written in German. Also includes two Christmas cards received cards from friends during the 1947 Christmas season.
A letter dated 24 October 1835, from the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa to the editor of the Weekly Globe requesting a six-month subscription to the newspaper.
Twenty-nine letters written to and by Jennie Sheldon Bowden of Brodhead, Wisconsin. Some of the letters are to and from her children Ray and Beulah. Many letters from her friend Rebecca Meigs discuss camp meetings, Christianity, and daily life.
A substantial collection of papers and materials relating to James Bowron, one of the 19th century iron and mining pioneers in the Deep South. It includes Bowron's 1624-page, unpublished autobiography, as well as his daily journals, letters, and pictures.
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