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Personal letters written by Ethel Armes, a Birmingham journalist and author, primarily to Alice Wiggin of Franklin, Massachusetts.
Letter from Mrs. G. Amil in Moline, Illinois, to H. H. Crofford in Port Byron, Illinois. She sends Christmas greetings and some type of plant as a gift.
One letter from Tallo(?) of New York City to a friend, Katharine (Katee) Arnold, in Poughkeepsie, New York. The letter was written in French, which was not the writer's first language, and discussed French books the writer had read recently and an upcoming visit by Katee.
Friends and suitors write to Minnie Arthur of Ohio on a variety of topics, from minutiae to politics and travel. A few letters are from siblings, but most are from female friends and male suitors concerning socializing and visiting.
The collection contains personal and business correspondence from different members of the Ashby and Kiefer families primarily providing news of daily life from those employed in sales and farming in and around Kentucky and Indiana.
Anna V. Ashby of Parkersburg, West Virginia receives a letter from her grandparents thanking her for her letters and inviting her to visit when the strawberries are ripe.
World War II memorabilia collected and photographs taken during Ashenfelter's tour of duty in Europe .
One typewritten letter from Charles Ashton of Guthrie Center, Iowa, to his young grandson Ned Ashton of Knoxville, Iowa. Charles Ashton talked of the new hens bought by Ned's father and instructed Ned to obey his mother and father.
This collection includes Dayton, Alabama, area church histories, newspaper clippings, copies of poetry and pieces written about Confederate history in Alabama, address and appointment books belonging to Mrs. W. R. Askew, and genealogical information on the Askew family.
The collection contains a letter written by John Myer Aspinwall to A. C. Flagg, the comptroller of Albany, New York, regarding legal matters.
Five letters from Bill Aston to Martha Baird in Miami, Florida, all written on U.S. Naval Air Station stationery during World War Two. He refers to her as Citty. Discusses life in the barracks, getting into trade school, and food at the base.
A letter dated 5 November 1952, from Astor to Dr. John M. Gallalee, president of the University of Alabama, declining a speaking invitation.
Freight traffic routes for this Georgia railroad company
Letters from PFC Thomas Atwood to Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Atwood of Williamsburg, Ohio, in 1944 and 1945
A collection of information compiled in 1981 in the process of applying for historic designation for this Tuscaloosa, Alabama district. It includes historical data, newspaper clippings about houses, lists of previous owners, special features of houses, floor plans, and an historical inventory of various homes.
Letter written on 21 February 1885, by Aunt B. to John and Kate with news of family and friends.
Contains one letter from Auntie in San Diego to her niece Millie, thanking her for a letter and package containing family photos. She also discusses Christmas festivities in the neighborhood.
Letters to and from Lavinia Austin of Hartford, Connecticut, written in the 1850s.
This collection consists of one autograph album that belonged to an unidentified owner in Rhode Island. In addition to autographs and quotations there are several calligraphic drawings of birds and flowers.
This collection consists of letters to Louise Avey congratulating her on her forthcoming marriage in 1926. She was the announcer for the market news on the Wichita, Kansas, radio station KFH. Many of the letters contain well-wishes from listeners of the radio station where she worked, but they also bemoan the fact that they won't get to hear her voice on the airwaves after her marriage. The collection also has a large number of newspaper clippings from various Kansas and Kentucky newspapers about Avey's engagement and marriage.
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