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Contains one postcard and two letters written by Jenny V. of Kentucky to her friend Marjorie Bledsoe at various locations in Kentucky and Indiana. She gave news of neighbors, family members, and church business. She also frequently discussed people who seemed to be monks and nuns.
Two reports on a proposed canal project on the Valley and Warrior Rivers in Jefferson County, Alabama.
Typescript copy of B. L. Roberson's unpublished "Valor on the Eastern Shore."
Contains one letter written on business letterhead from I. C. Van Der Karr of Kankakee, Illinois, to Agnes M. Wert of Des Moines, Iowa, concerning the latter's purchase of a grave marker for a deceased family member.
Parents C. and Louisa Van Duren of Dansville, New York, wrote to children in Franklin, Michigan, about crops and weather.
Contains materials related to William B. Van Valin's work with the Eskimos in western Alaska in the early 20th-century.
An unknown party writes to Theodore VanDyke about his lineage as listed in Baptismal records.
Letters from Hugh A. Vantreese to his wife and children while he was employed by the Mobile and Ohio Railroad Company in Mobile and Selma, Alabama. Also included are letters from W. A. Vantreese, Hugh's brother, advising Emma about suing the railway company over Hugh's death.
A petition to Congress written by several members of the "Committee of Petitioners in the City of New York" to "prevent the transportation of the mail on the Sabbath and the keeping open of post-offices on that holy day."
Civil War diary of a Virginia native who later settled in Alabama. The entries are limited to 1863.
Scrapbooks and newspaper clippings about this prominent Tuscaloosa, Alabama, family.
This collection consists of eleven letters from Albert N. Verno, United States Army, to his friend, Robert (Bob) Haas, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at Camp Croft and Lake Charles, Louisiana, from December 11, 1942, to December 11, 1944, during World War Two.
Letter written by Walter M. Voll from the U.S.S. Oklahoma based in San Pedro, California on September 26, 1931 to Mary Lee Langolf, a neighbor in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky.
Letters written by B.P. Vosbury to his mother, Katie Vosbury of Washington, DC, while he was serving aboard the U.S.S Tracy (214) in 1930 and 1931 and aboard the U.S.S. Avocet (AM19) in 1932. The letters describe his tours on the U.S. Asiatic Station and life in the Philippines and the South Seas in the years prior to World War II.