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One letter from R. P. to her niece and nephew, Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Munyan of Portsmouth, Michigan, discussing daily life.
Letter from J. H. R. to his cousin, written on 21 August 1870 from LeRoy, Illinois concerning life in LeRoy and a misunderstanding between the writer and his cousin.
Letter from M.M.R. written to John on 16 August 1872, giving information about several acquaintances and explaining that there has a good deal of rain recently.
A flirtatious letter written by Merle R. in Blanche, Tennessee, to Kelly Burnwell in Madison County, Alabama, about weather and Not Like Other Girls by Rosa Nouchette Carey, originally published in 1884.
Original and typed copy from Radford to Lieutenant Commander T. C. Harris, discussing a possible attempt to rescue Jefferson Davis, a prisoner at Fortress Monroe.
The collection contains one letter written from Raffee in West Branch, Iowa, providing information regarding farming as carried on by her father, who had recently moved to Nebraska.
Funeral, memorial, and wedding worship bulletins primarily from the Decatur, Alabama, area, between 1957 and 2013.
This collection contains a letter from Clara H. Rall of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, to a friend about her recent marriage and gives details about the furnished brick house into which she has recently moved.
Before it became a rallying cry and part of a title for a best-selling book, Rammer Jammer was The University of Alabama's celebrated humor and literary magazine. Published between 1924 and 1956, the Rammer Jammer captured a spirit and pride in The University of Alabama through jokes, articles, cartoons and photographs. Among the many contributors to the magazine over its thirty-two years of publication include some of UA's most notable alums including Harper Lee, Vic Gold, Gay Talese, Albert Boutwell, Grover Smith, Carl Elliot, and Mary Harmon Black (the future Mrs. Paul "Bear" Bryant).
A receipt from Jacob Ramser to Alpheus Baker for payment of $1000 for a slave named William, aged about 20, who is missing parts of three toes on his right foot.
Three small ledgers, compiled by Dr. Charles Edward Ford of Roanoke, Alabama, from 1920-1952, listing birth records for Randolph County, Alabama.
Typescript copy of information found on tombstones and grave markers in small Madison County (Ala.) cemeteries, prepared by John P. Rankin and Percy B. Keel.
This collection contains a letter from Libbie N. Ransom of Kalamazoo, Michigan, to her friend, Charlie in which she admires his photographs and praises him as an artist. She also asks his opinion on a debate in Sabbath school.
The Rare Book Collection at the W.S. Hoole Special Collections Library includes incunabula, titles from seventeenth and eighteenth century France and Britain, and eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth century American works, including significant holdings documenting the Mississippi valley and travel and exploration in early America. Additionally, there are significant holdings relating to New Orleans and Louisiana. This online collection currently consists of an atlas of the 1796 voyages of a French general traveling as a spy on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers; the first edition of the famous mapmaker scientist Ptolemy's works (around 83-168 A.D) to include part of North America; and copper-plate etchings illustrating the life of the Union Armies during the Civil War.
Contains over 350 letters written by Mary Elizabeth McIlvain and Ralph J. Ratcliff over the course of their courtship, engagement, and marriage, with letters ending soon after their daughter, Dianna Alice, was born. They met through a mutual friend in 1941 and began writing letters late that year, with the friendship quickly turning into romance. Ralph's conscription into the army in 1942 meant that they spent much of the next three years apart, with the exception of furloughs and a period in 1943 when she lived with him in Buffalo, New York, before his next transfer. The letters end in mid-1944. Letters indicate that Mary was the one to propose engagement to Ralph. She was also the one who initiated the letter-writing. Both were working when they first met: Mary at a garment factory in Paris, Kentucky, and Ralph at a machine company in Cleveland, Ohio. Collection also contains other letters from friends and family, empty envelopes, pamphlets, newsletters, greeting cards from various occasions, and a photo album.
Letter from Margaret M. Ratliff of the University of Kentucky to Estill Wilson about an appointment to meet.
Contains one letter from Raymond, in summer school at Stevens Point Normal in Wisconsin, to his girlfriend Pearl. He discussed the other students, music he will send her, and another girl's romantic interest in him.
This collection contains oral history interviews and video produced for the Realizing the Dream television series.
Nine photograph albums of William F. Reekstin, a student at the University of Alabama in the early 1930s documenting a variety of campus venues and activities.
Letters from three teenagers to Ressa in 1993, regarding boyfriends, school, and other aspects of being a teenager.
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