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Ledger containing entries documenting student expenses at LaGrange Military Academy in Franklin County, Alabama, between 1858-1860. The ledger also includes later entries written by John W. Kumpe documenting his personal expenses.
Souvenir post cards and other mementos and keepsakes. There is also a typed manuscript by Jacqueline Box Blaylock, "A Tribute to the Memory of Perry Jackson Box."
Diary and letters from Esbon C. Lambert, a United States Navy landsman aboard the USS Itasca from 1863-1864, during the Battle of Mobile Bay.
Manuscript of Bethea's and Austin's book about this Revolutionary War soldier and his family. The book was published in 1978.
Commencement invitation for the 1929 graduating class of the University of Alabama
Two letters to Mary Lampton, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 1941. One letter is from a friend in Bloomington, Indiana, and the other letter is from a friend in Haverhill, Massachusetts. The letters discuss illness, travel, and mutual friends.
The collection contains one letter from P. F. C. Milton Lander, stationed at Camp Carabelle in Florida, to Gunner Lander in Brodhead, Wisconsin. Milton thanked Gunner for a money order and shared details about the amphibious training he was undergoing.
Handwritten letter and sheet of music from Geneva (Switzerland) professor Dr. R. Landesberger to President Woodrow Wilson, dated January 7, 1919. A typed transcript of the letter is also included.
A letter written by Lane in 1944 to a friend about an illness.
Letter to Dr. Robert Lane about the transportation of colts and mares.
Letter from Laney, written on 7 March 1881 in Watertown, to Many, giving news about friends and family.
Letters written to Emma Langham of Columbia, Tennessee, from her brother and mother Martha Goodson, both of Richmond, Virginia. They discuss society issues including illnesses, deaths, and marriages.
One letter from Emma Langnecker of Moorestown, New Jersey, to her friend Mary Seeley Owen of Haines Falls, New York. She gave news of acquaintances and the death of a friend's father.
Photocopy of a letter from Lara to her sister, written on 27 August 1927, while in Alderdale, Washington.
Letter to mother from son Larry, an American soldier stationed at a camp in the jungles of New Guinea during World War Two. He discusses camp life and says he does not know when he will return home.
Three different parties, two friends and an aunt, each write letters to Winnie and Oscar Larson of Souix Falls, and later of Bridgewater, South Dakota, about church groups and the health of acquaintances, with a pair of references to a cabin-leasing business.
Letter from Latta in Leavenworth, Kansas to his wife Pet in Grandview, Iowa. Latta uses a large portion of the letter to convince his wife not to "go back on him."
A letter from Mrs. C. Victor Latto in West Farmington, Ohio, to her husband of Lorain, Ohio, about her visit with family.
The Willie Lauderdale Voter Registration Certificate collection contains one certificate from Hamilton County, Tennessee, entitling Lauderdale to vote in all elections held in Hamilton County between 1919 and 1921.
This collection contains one program from the Montgomery Concert Courses presentation of Lauritz Melchior, tenor, with the Metropolitan Opera Association of New York City, New York.
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