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EBSCO Industries Inc.
One page of handwritten sheet music written on heavy paper or card stock with music and lyrics. The song appears to be religious and the creator is unknown. The bottom right hand corner of the page is missing.
Bumper stickers proclaiming I [heart icon] Tuscaloosa
This bifold brochure promotes I. Efron Packard Renting and Taxi Service, and provides information on the attractions of Aikin, South Carolina, with pertinent phone numbers, church service times, and a railroad schedule for Southern Railway.
Letter from W.K. Ichimmel from South Bend, Indiana, to his unnamed friend. The letter discusses his upcoming trip to Paris and the workers at the shirt factory where he works.
The collection contains a letter from Ida to her child about the Fourth of July celebrations.
Letter from Ida to her sister, Mary. written on 2 October 1888 from River View, Ohio, telling her sister about the weather, gathering nuts, and a trip to Gallipolis, Ohio, Ida and their mother took to buy dresses.
One letter from Ida, in Janesville, Wisconsin, to S. L. Swenson in Brodhead, Wisconsin. Ida was in Janesville for medical reasons.
This is a ledger pasted full of cuttings, mostly from Illinois newspapers between 1895 and 1897, on various topics. Predominant themes include Christianity/agnosticism, football, and theatre, with some items on politics, including political cartoons, and women's rights.
Research material for the book, The Herndon and Inge Families: Genealogical, Historical, Biographical.
Papers and documents about the Panama Canal treaties and the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway.
One letter from Isabel to her sister Minnie in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. She discussed her new job at the post office and life at her boarding house.