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Letter written on 13 December 1871 by D. to someone who appears to be a relative or very close friend.
Letter from C. C. D. telling of her visit with her grandparents and discussing planting, the beautiful spring, and Christian issues.
Letter fragment from H. C. D. giving George advice on winning back the girl he loves.
In the letter from Dad to "Sir Poe of Camden Town," Dad gives general news of home, and shares that when he discusses his son's career with others he tells them that he is dancing with "Chip and Dales..., [which] makes for a better story than just [being] a Host dancing on tables."
A letter from a father in Germany to his children in which he tells them of the death of Hitler and the surrender of German troops in Italy and Western Austria.
Ledger containing records of the Chancery Court at Dadeville, Alabama (the 17th District of the Middle Division of the State of Alabama), from February 1842 to May 1848.
One letter from Byrdena of Marion, Iowa, to Glenn Daft (probably her brother) of Griswold, Iowa, regarding the family's excitement over plans for his upcoming visit.
Calvin R. Daggett of Nashville, Tennessee writes to Chandler Bradford of Maine about his plans to travel west.
Fragment of an envelope sent to David Holmes, then governor of the Mississippi Territory (which included the state of Alabama), on 15 May 1817, by Sam Dale at Fort Claiborne, Alabama
One ledger containing the treasurer's records pertaining to taxes and other fines and fees paid in Dallas County, Alabama from 1868 to 1873.
Contains the Reconstruction-era letterbook of the Dallas Iron Works in Selma, Alabama.
A scrapbook and accompanying materials relating to the book "With C.H. Ellis Through Central America and Panama: Quarantine Tour of Central America and Panama by Health Authorities as Guests of the United Fruit Company," compiled and distributed by that firm.
A letter from Daniel, Union soldier, from New Iberia, Louisiana, to his sister, November 28, 1863
A letter from Reverend G. M. Daniel of Hoboken, New Jersey to May Nelson of Brooklyn, New York thanking her for the Christmas offering.
This collection contains the diary of F.M. Dansby, an Episcopalian priest in Birmingham, Jeffereson County, Alabama. The diary only covers the Sundays of each month, where Dansby indicates where he preached and on what texts.
Correspondence, speeches, and writings, relating to his work as a surgeon with the 1st Regiment of Louisiana Volunteers, stationed in Tampico, Mexico, during the Mexican War.
Materials relating to the nomination of Clarence William Daugette (1873-1942) to the Alabama Hall of Fame. Daugette served for forty-three years as president of Jacksonville State Teachers' College.
Eleven receipts by various individuals and firms to a free black named Joseph Daugherty between 1847 and 1858, location unknown.
A letter from a daughter to her mother describing the cost of her surgery and hospital stay and upcoming plans to visit her mother.
Letter from daughter recounts the author's journey to and visit in Wentworth, New Hampshire. The visit included a day trip to the White Hills and rides into the country.
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