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One letter from Babbitt, written from Gainesville, Alabama, dated 28 December, to his cousin William H. Babbitt of Princeton, New Jersey. In pencil someone has annotated "1843." The letter describes an ocean voyage from New York to Mobile, and Babbitt's subsequent doings in Alabama.
A letter from Pauline Aars of Curacao, Netherlands Antilles to Phyllis Bergagna of Freeport, Illinois about the launch and landing of Apollo 11 on the moon.
Files relating to the "Alabama Claims" handled by this Boston attorney concerning damage inflicted by the Confederate commerce raider C.S.S. Shenandoah during the final months of the Civil War.
Notes for a class lecture on Abercrombie, president of the University of Alabama. Includes information on the construction of University buildings during his tenure, as well as his conflicts with former acting president and Latin professor William S. Wyman.
This collection consists of three pieces of Abernathy family correspondence discussing the outbreak of the Civil War and the return of Macon, a University of Alabama student, to his hometown of Jacksonville, Alabama, to enlist in a local company. Also contains an 1878 obituary of Macon's father, Major Miles W. Abernathy.
Two galleys with corrections and one type-written manuscript of Abernethy's study, The Formative Period in Alabama, subsequently published as part of the historical series of the Alabama Department of Archives and History. It is a social and political history and originated as Abernethy's doctoral thesis at Harvard University.
Diaries of travels from New Hampshire to Alabama; to Havana, Cuba, and to the midwestern United States. The majority of entries were written in Gainesville, Alabama.
Contains correspondence and production reports of this Birmingham, Alabama, cast iron company.
U.S.S. Tuscaloosa commemorative covers, including "First Day in Commission" and "Shakedown Cruise" covers, several miscellaneous first day of issue stamped envelopes and other commemorative covers postmarked from the U.S.S. Tuscaloosa, and ten first day of issue stamps, most of which relate to the State of Alabama in some way
Letter from clerk discussing his travels and the city climate, population, agriculture, and business, including Cincinnati's trade of pork, flour, and whiskey. Letter compares it to labor and goods of the South.
This collection consists principally of correspondence among members of the Adams Family, the majority of which concerns the Confederate service of a son, who wrote many letters detailing army life and conditions. It also contains papers related to Homer and John Adams, prisoners of war who died before returning home, and an Adams Family history by Irving Adams, dated December 18, 1948.
Materials on the Jewish synagogue in West Blocton, Alabama; a copy of his paper, " The 'Ah Goodies Ah Chem' Jewish Congregation of West Blocton, Alabama, 1905-1913," and 6 photos of the Blocton Home Band.
A letter from Charles J. Adams of Bridgewater, New York, to Dennis Pritchard of Wolcott, Connecticut, about his uncle who was recently married.
The correspondence of a Birmingham, Alabama, mining engineer, businessman, poet, and public servant. The collection also includes a small group of papers of Adams' son, John R. Adams, an attorney and realtor.
Correspondence of this Birmingham, Alabama, minister of the A.M.E. Zion Church, principally concerning the struggle to remain solvent during the Great Depression. Also includes budget sheets, receipts, reports, and legal documents for this and other A.M.E churches throughout the South.
This collection includes documents related to the army service of this York, Alabama, native; an essay, "When Dreams Come True," a biographical sketch, and three miscellaneous letters.
Bill of sale and warrantee for a slave named Zeke, sold by W. S. Adkins of Lowndes County, Alabama, for $1600. The buyer's name is illegible.
Two postcards from Agnes, on vacation with her husband Chris in Los Angeles, California, to friends in Des Moines and Atlantic, Iowa. She gave updates on their trip and their plans for returning home to Iowa.
A letter from A.M. Ahmed, of Lahore, West Pakistan and editor of Taleem-e-Nau, to Helen V. Dykeman of Seattle, Washington, about the donation of used educational magazines.
Letters to and from Steven M. Aitchison and his wife and daughters (Patty, Natalie and Claire) from Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa between 1987 and 1993.
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