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Insurance policies on the club house, an account book from a Mobile, Alabama, apothecary with the club, and tickets for social events sponsored by this African-American social club.
The collection contains one letter written from Creson in Hudgins, Kentucky, to Mr. Lee Goff, giving news of daily life.
Scripts for several radio plays performed by the Crimson Theatre on the WABP radio station on the University of Alabama campus.
Student newspaper of the University of Alabama. Currently online: September 1950 - May 1953; September 1955 - August 1968; September 1970 - August 1974
Letter from William H. Crins, written on 26 April 1876 in Providence, Rhode Island, to Mr. H. M. Sawtelle.
One page of sheet music with handwritten words and music
Letter from W. G. Croft, dated 18 November (circa 1835) from Canebreak, Union Town, Alabama, to his brother, Randall Croft, at Beaufort, South Carolina, discussing cotton crop yields in the area.
This collection contains one handwritten letter from Nathan Crosby, Little Valley, New York, to James, and one letter from Eugenia L. Gibbs, Ellicottville, New York, to Nathan Crosby. Both letters relate to travel money for Willie.
Correspondence between E. C. Crow and Dr. John M. Gallalee of the University of Alabama regarding a newspaper article on Gen. Josiah Gorgas, as well as a newspaper article on the oldest judge in Birmingham, Alabama.
Large certificate featuring a picture of Laurence Crowley in uniform with the information of the place and date of his enlistment in World War II.
A trip diary inscribed on the flyleaf to Mary Mildred Crowley of Indianapolis, Indiana and dated June 1, 1911.
Correspondence of an Alabama family, centered in Talladega and Birmingham.
A collection of records of Crumpler's general store in Sylacauga, Alabama, and of his activities as justice of the peace.
Collection of meeting minutes and membership lists, 1887-1933, for this Cross Keys, Macon County, Alabama, church.
Postcards depicting scenes in Cuba in the early twentieth century
A court room docket recording cases of this Triana, Alabama, justice of the peace.
Twenty-three reports assessing the cultural and archeological significance of various Alabama sites, 1976-1979.
Photocopy of a record book including the minutes, rolls, and mission reports of this Talladega church
Letter from Arme Cummins of Kirkville, Iowa, to her sister, Louisa Robbins of Roanoke, Indiana, in 1898, discussing her rheumatism, heaven, and a picture that has possibly been misplaced.
A diary whose short entries provide information on the daily activities of this coed from Tuscaloosa, member of Kappa Delta sorority, and 1916 University of Alabama graduate.
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