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Documents relating to the Mississippi and Alabama plantations of the Brown family, including bills of sale for slaves; receipts for tool repair, clothing, dry goods; tax receipts listing the number of slaves; business letters; and various legal agreements and other court documents.
This collection consists of a high school memory book compiled by Ethel Browne, during one or more years at Russell High School in East Point, Georgia.
This collection contains correspondence from Private O.E. Bruce, Jr., to his parents. Most letters are written on government stationery from Camp Wheeler, Georgia. He informs his parents about the harsh conditions, the injuries of others, and the dangers of serving in the Army. He writes about how he is constantly busy and tired, and his superiors make them do drills at night. He writes his parents of his wife Genevieve's visit to him. He is injured while serving and put in the hospital, postponing a trip home he was looking forward to. Bruce sent no letters during the entire month of May 1944. This collection also contains one hand bill advertisement and one letter from George Witten to Mr. and Mrs. O.E. Bruce, Sr.
Ledgers and daybooks of this Catherine, Wilcox County, Alabama, country store, reflecting the economic and social conditions of this rural community from 1911 to 1936
Letter from Brumby, dated 2 April 1834, from Tuscaloosa, to the firm of Wragg and Stewart in Montgomery, Alabama, concerning a debt owed to the firm
A small miscellany of materials including Bryce's appointment as medical officer of ship "Yorkshire," clippings about Bryce, among them his obituary, and copy of his "Moral and Criminal Responsibility," 1888
Letter from Bryson, dated 12 March 1891, from Huntsville, Alabama, to the Rev. A. A. E. Taylor, St. Louis, Missouri, inviting him to visit Huntsville and discussing the inauguration of a Mr. Briggs.
The collection is made up of one bound diary containing entries relating to business matters, specifically manual labor.
Letters from Edward Buck of Snowbridge, Michigan to Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Downing of East Dekalb, New York about the annual harvest.
George Buckner gives his deposition of business matters to the Frigg Circuit Court as certified by Isaac Caldwell.
Nine letters written to and from Doris and Cliff Buechel over the course of their courtship, marriage, and early parenthood. Most letters are written from Cliff to Doris while he was away on various trips throughout the 1930s.
Consists principally of personal correspondence from Francis Bugbee's family and close friends concerning family and personal news. as well as genealogical materials relating to the Bugbee family and many other Massachusetts and Connecticut families. There is very little business correspondence or any information concerning his years as trustee, judge, or legislator.
A fragment of a note written by Bugg to Holcomb about coming to visit.
Papers, correspondence and research relating to the establishment of the Bullock County Historical Society, as well as some transcriptions of oral histories, cemetery records, and "genealogical" correspondence about the town of Midway and Bullock County.
Miscellaneous papers related to Aliceville, Pickens County, Alabama, including the Oak Grove Presbyterian Church Centennial program, 1937, the 50th anniversary booklet of the Tuesday Study Club, 1964, a Bible Study schedule for 1913, and clippings and photos related to Pickens County landmarks.
Labor contract dated 16 June 1865 with estate of Greene Underwood of Dallas Co., Alabama, binding former slaves to plantation in return for food, clothing and medical care
Letter written by Burford, dated 20 October 1847, from the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to his brother in Summerfield [Alabama?
This letter from Sarah Burham of Warrensburg, New York, to her old school friend Annie shares news about friends and former classmates.
Typescript of Curtis R. Burke's Civil War journal which includes daily entries from October 1862 to June 1865. Notable journal entries include descriptions of John Hunt Morgan's raid into Ohio in July 1863, and accounts of conditions in prison camps in Indiana and Illinois.
The collection consists of a photocopy of paper titled "The March to the Sea," read to the George W. Lennard post of the Grand Army of the Republic, New Castle, Indiana, on 27 April 1895, which recounts W.T. Sherman's army's march from Atlanta to Savannah, Georgia, September-December 1864. Burke, according to a handwritten inscription at the paper's end, was a member of the 46th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. The paper reads more like a newspaper account than the reminiscence of a private soldier.
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