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Unpublished typescript of the memoirs of twenty Confederate soldiers
Manuscript of General Joseph Wheeler's Confederate Military History of Alabama.
Vouchers issued to soldiers of the Ninth Georgia Cavalry Regiment by the Confederate States Army for pay, etc.
The muster roll of Captain William G. Swanson's Company, Company D, of the Third Alabama Infantry Regiment, 4 May 1861.
Roll of this Civil War unit organized at Favors Beat [now Coaling], Tusaloosa County. It lists the names of 110 officers and enlisted men.
Letter dated 4 October 1864, from W.H.C. Price, Superintendent of the C.S.A. War Department's Nitre and Mining District 10, to P.J. Weaver, requesting his urgent cooperation in the manufacturing of nitre.
A handwritten ledger documenting the collection and distribution of foraged and purchased materials by Confederate officers at Snyder's Bluff, Mississippi.
A miscellany of materials pertaining to the 38th Virginia Infantry Regiment, including muster rolls of Company A, a special order naming hospital stewards, a certificate of disability, and a list of payment and clothing issued.
Mary in New York wrote to brother Elisha Conklin of Cayuga, New York, requesting a family visit and detailing their friends' or family members' travel to California, possibly during the Gold Rush.
Photocopies of the 1861 Proof of Ownership and Registration forms for the Bark Conrad which was later captured by the C.S.S. Alabama and recommissioned as the Tuscaloosa
Journal includes ledger entries, transcriptions of letters, and recipes, as well as a few letters and newspaper clippings
Collection contains materials relating mainly to Dr. Edward Augustus Cook's medical practice in Kirk's Grove, Cherokee County, Alabama including account ledgers, daybooks, register of births and deaths, correspondence, and a photograph.
Diary for the year 1869 written by a young man in Rose Hill, Mississippi.
Letters and other miscellaneous materials of two sisters, Maggie Cooper of Marion, Alabama, and Mattie McAmis of Birmingham, Alabama.
A furlough dated 13 December 1861, issued to W. H. H. Cooper, a private in Captain D. L. Patterson's Company, 20th Mississippi Volunteers for the period 13 December 1861 to 12 January 1862.
The collection consists of six diaries for 1864, 1867, 1876, 1882, 1884, and 1887, and a photograph of Cooper, an attorney from Tuscumbia, Alabama. The diaries contain daily entries made by Cooper and, in his absence from home, his wife, and give a great deal of information about the community, his activities, and his family.
Cash books of this 19th century Eufaula, Alabama, doctor.
Letter from Father and Mother in which William discusses cattle, land, and daily life.
Letter from Hugh Coperlin, written on 12 January 1890, to Gaston, describing a sale of land he wants transacted.
Contains one letter from Cora and Ed of Ellendale to Cora's family. She discusses livestock, crops, and financial matters, and talks of an upcoming picnic with the "Old Soldiers."
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