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Papers of an important Dallas County, Alabama, planter family, including correspondence, household and plantation records, materials regarding James Boykin's cavalry unit during the Civil War, and papers of Boykin's descendants down to the mid-twentieth century.
Papers of an important Dallas County, Alabama planter family, including correspondence, household and plantation records, domestic and business expenditures, records of cotton sales, sales receipts for slaves, foodstuffs, tools and other hardware, papers regarding James Boykin's cavalry unit during the Civil War, and papers of Boykin's descendants down to the mid twentieth century
Paper titled Enoch Hooper Cook, Sr., of Wilcox County, Alabama, presented to the Alabama Historical Association by Mrs. Ralph Draughon.
Business accounts of Coosa County cotton factory owner. Many of the customers were from Talladega, Alabama.
Letter from Private Arthur F. Bradley, written on 18 May 1944, while stationed at Fort Stewart, Georgia, to his parents in Dubuque, Iowa.
The journals of this Luverne, Alabama, farmer.
Copies of incoming letters dated 1881-1882, from the Alabama state archives.
Lists of members, pastors, marriages, baptisms, and deceased members, as well as church directories of this Methodist church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
Letter from the Governor of Mississippi to Alabama Governor John Murphy regarding an unsettled financial transaction between the two states.
Documents concerning Alabama governor William Woodward Brandon, including letters, news clippings, postcards, and transcripts of speeches.
Correspondence, manuscripts, diaries, and other materials created by Peter A. Brannon, highlighting his career as a pharmacist, an anthropologist, and an archivist.
Letters, land grants, diplomas, certificates, scrapbook, daguerreotype, and other miscellaneous documents, as well as quilts and other textiles (including a wedding dress from the early 20th century)
Diary, travel journals, and account book of Richard Edwin Branscomb (1902-1980), Methodist Minister from Guin, Alabama, and Condensed Minute Book for Presiding Elders of the Southern Methodist Episcopal Church belonging to Branscomb's father, Lewis Capers Branscomb (1865-1930).
Includes a carbon copy of the manuscript Banking in Alabama, 1816-1860, volume 2, written by William H. Brantley Jr. The bound manuscript is 371 pages long and covers the history of banking in the state from 1837 to 1849; it is part of a two-volume work that covers the years 1816-1860.
Correspondence and other materials regarding the Battle of Horseshoe Bend and Creek Indian leader William Weatherford (Red Eagle)
Letters to Frank H. Bray, secretary of the Oceanic Exchange Club in Frankton, New Zealand with requests for stamps, pen pals, and applications for membership in the club.
Handwritten letters from Minnie and Lucy Brayton to their cousin Mary.
Miscellaneous papers of several related families in Adair County, Kentucky, and Indiana and Iowa, including World War II photographs, newspapers and map.
Mid nineteenth century cookbook and extracts from scrapbook of Mrs. Alexander (Charity Sophia) Brett. Includes a "Cure for Cancer," a "New broth for the sick," a "remedy for cholera," etc.
Research paper titled "Integration at the University of Alabama," submitted for seminar in African American history at the University of Alabama in 1975.
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