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Letter written by Thomas Haughey of Alabama, dated December 28, 1868 and written from Washington, DC, to Ben Perley Poone providing a short biographical sketch. Mentions having to live in the north during the Civil War due to his anti-secessionist ideals.
The collection contains business letters written to Augustus Haven of Tyson Furnace, Vermont.
Diaries, letters, and other papers related to Havens's service in the European Theater of Operations, 1944-1945.
Paper entitled "Then Came the Women: The University in the Nineties," written by Bessie Leach Hayden, Dean of Women, about the first sixty years of coeducation at the University of Alabama.
Letter from William C. Hayne of Charleston, South Carolina, to Lewis Bristol of New Haven, Connecticut, discussing immigrating to Alabama.
A letter from Samuel J. Hays of Jackson, Madison County, Tennessee, to Andrew Jackson, announcing his embrace of Christianity, November 16, 1842.
Letter and photograph, from Hayslette in Conde, France, to "My Dear Mother," thanking her for a Christmas parcel and expressing longings for home.
Joyce Hayward writes from Australia to Mrs. Fitzsimons of La Grange, Illinois, about her factory job supporting World War II.
A postcard from Jennie Hazelton in Morrison, Illinois, to E. Elizabeth Bush in Sterling, Illinois. Hazelton discussed a cookbook.
This collection contains one handwritten letter to E. P. Haybeard of Providence, Rhode Island, from his cousin, M. H. Hazeltrine of Louisville, Kentucky. Haybeard offers condolence in the death of Hazeltrine's sister, and he mentions going east to visit friends and his sister.
Papers of a World War II German POW held in Ottawa, Canada.
Papers of a World War II German POW held in Ottawa, Canada.
Contains scrapbook kept by Jesse C. Hearne Jr., highlighting events of the Y.M.C.A. and Y.W.C.A. groups on the University of Alabama campus in 1936. It is primarily newspaper clippings, but there are 13 photographs.
A ledger contains daily entries for purchases from this Carlowville and Richmond, Dallas County, Alabama general store owned by Joseph Zeb Hearst.
Typescript transcriptions of twenty-one letters written by Confederate soldier Joseph Zebulon Hearst between May 1862 and December 1864.
Letters written by Dr. Townsend Heaton, a member of the 70th Ohio Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War
Letters from seven former students while prisoners of war in northern prison camps, requesting food, clothing, books, tobacco, and money.
A letter from Della Hedrick of May City, Iowa, to her cousin about life at home.
A letter written by Heile to a Mr. Reynolds on 27 May 1928. It is evidently a response to Reynolds'inquiry about reminiscences of the "Greatest man the world has ever known": Abraham Lincoln. Heile thus recounts a childhood meeting with Lincoln shortly after the election of 1860, her memories of his assassination and of his body lying in state in Chicago, and of going to school with Lincoln's son Tad after his father's assassination.
One letter from Em to her friend Lloyd Heinselman of Plymouth, Iowa. She told him news of friends in the military.
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