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Physics lectures in form of mimeographed, bound textbook delivered in 1898-1899 to the second year students of Johns Hopkins University by Joseph S. Ames, professor of physics. Book belonged to H. A. Sayre.
This colorized photographic postcard shows an image of a downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania, intersection with men, women, and children in traditional Amish garb. The postcard was never used.
Letters from several friends to Dora Anderson, all of Union, Indiana. Discuss friends, romantic prospects, and various aspects of social life.
Photograph album containing forty-seven cartes de visite belonging to Edwin Maffitt Anderson, midshipman on board the CSS Alabama
Photograph album containing forty-seven cartes de visite belonging to Edwin Maffitt Anderson, midshipman on board the CSS Alabama.
Text of a speech presented by James A. Anderson on April 3, 1935, at a meeting of the Kiwanis club of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, commemorating the seventieth anniversary of Union raids in Selma, Montgomery, and Tuscaloosa.
This collection contains information about the history of Tuscaloosa. Anderson transcribed newspapers articles, created scrapbooks, and documented his own knowledge of the early beginnings of Tuscaloosa and the University of Alabama. Anderson included short biographies of prominent Tuscaloosa and University persons.
Autographed concert program, newspaper articles and a copy of the Ebony magazine featuring Marian Anderson.
A letter to Mercy A. Anderson, a student at Mt. Holyoke Female Seminary in South Hadley, Massachusetts, from her mother and a note from her sister describing home and wishing her well with her studies.
This collection consists of a photocopy of a church record book, which contains a register of pastors (1913-1987), marriages (1889-1936), infant baptisms (1924-1988), and members.
A very large collection of individually-produced fan magazines (fanzines or 'zines), circular letters, and related materials, principally of science fiction fantasy subjects, named in honor of Birmingham native and science fiction artist, Al Andrews. See the finding aid for a detailed inventory of the contents of the collection.
A letter fragment from Ann about the Christmas holiday and the gifts her children received.
Photocopies of Sidney Z. Mitchell's correspondence, articles relating to his career, and other biographical information. It also includes Jordan family deeds, photographs taken at Ann Jordan Farm, legal documents and correspondence relating to the Jordan Family Cemetery, articles about Ann Jordan Farm and Jordan Dam, and furniture catalogs and floor plans.
A letter written by Anna from Rock Elm to Sarah about some mutual acquaintances.
One letter from Anna to her brother John Oliver. Letter is written in Swedish.
The collection consists of one cookbook containing handwritten and published recipes as well as published poems collected by Perkins of Eutaw, Alabama.
Letter from Annie, written on 1 January 1886 in Glenview, to Sue and talks about the losses in the family and the desire to not "darken the children's pleasure" by grieving.
Letter to Colonel R. Apperson written on 22 February 1862, in Mt. Sterling (state unknown), by G. W. Gist, James H. French, and O. S. Tenry.
Two letters to and from Lula Applegate of Guthrie Center, Iowa. One was from the alumni association of Simpson College informing her of an upcoming fraternity and sorority reunion, and the other from Lula to her sister Mary "Liz" Applegate, at prep school in Albuquerque, New Mexico, mostly discusses real estate and their future living situation.
Materials relating to Arant's 1978 induction into the Alabama Academy of Honor, including a scrapbook with pictures from the induction, biographical information on members, and past programs from induction ceremonies.
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