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Contains one handwritten biography of Dr. Richard Fraser Michel and three letters to various members of the Michel family regarding deaths, portraits, and rooms for rent.
Handwritten copy of the town charter with all ordinances from 1882 to 1937, court records, and town council minutes for the town of Midway, Alabama.
A letter to Sister and Brother discussing daily life.
General merchandise store records, including ledgers, daybooks, correspondence and miscellaneous materials from a business located in Miller, Marengo County, Alabama.
Contains one autograph book owned by Caroline Miller of Palmyra, Indiana. The book is signed by various friends and family members from Palmyra and other cities in Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. Most signatures are accompanied by short rhyming poems.
The Jennie W. Miller Letters are from different writers and discuss Millers influence as a Sunday school teacher; her encouragement of the first African American male (Ray Greenfield) admitted to Dartmouth College; her influence over a boy who does not want to participate in graduation exercises; and her kindness in taking in another woman's son.
Five-year diary of Mary Miller of Topeka, Indiana, dating from 1 January 1944 through 31 December 1948.
Enlisted private and machine gun instructor, Percy C. Miller, writes to Miss Louise Ehlert of Dundee, Illinois, about life on the airfield bases in Florida, Ohio and California, various entertainments, his education in airplane machine guns, a camp quarantine due to "Spanish Influenza," and various airplane accidents.
Contains one letter written by Ruth Miller of Adelphi, Iowa, to a friend. She discussed family and school news.
The collection contains a single letter from T. L. Miller of Reedsburg, Wisconsin, to A. P. Gale, of Wonewoc, Wisconsin, about the renewal of a certificate.
Minutes of directors and stockholders' meetings between 1900 and 1910
Letters and documents of members of the Milner family of Columbia, Tennessee, Louisville, Kentucky, and Indianapolis, Indiana.
This collection contains a diary written by Emma Rivers Milner of Clearwater, Florida and Milner's research for a book about her grandfather, Dr. Richard Henderson Rivers. Dr. Rivers was the president of Wesleyan University in Florence, Alabama, before the Civil War. After the war the university became the University of North Alabama.
This collection consists of a British pass for English citizen, Isaac Milner, who lived in Lauderdale County, Alabama. The pass was issued by the British government, and it allowed him to pass through Union lines.
Letters to and from Maclin (Mac) R. Milner, primarily while he was a cadet at the Chemical Warfare Service at Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland.
Contains letter from University of Alabama Recorder, Teresa Pradat, advising Minor that her application to attend UA has been accepted.
This collection contains Minot's Civil War diary (January-March, 1865), discharge papers, an 1865 edition of Webster's Pocket Dictionary, and a letter regarding a reunion of the 22nd Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry.
Collection of empty miscellaneous envelopes.
Miscellaneous genealogies of various Alabama families
This collection consists of circuit court records, 1810-1812, the criminal docket of the territorial court, 1810-1816, and the execution docket of the territorial superior circuit court, 23rd district, 1812-1815. It also includes county court minutes, 1822-1850.
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