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This collection consists of eleven letters from Clifford J. ("Cliff") Granos, Boston, Massachusetts, and England during World War II, to his wife, Ruth Granos, Chicago, Illinois. The letters discuss, among other things, his sickness and Christmas.
A check written in 1889 by L. A. Grant of Cincinnati, Ohio, for $26.00 to J. B. Mauix, a trustee of the estate of Lucy H. Boudier.
A 2" x 4" scalloped card, possibly handmade, memorializing General Ulysses S. Grant.
Manuscripts, correspondence, and newspaper clippings written by and related to Birmingham newspaper columnist John Temple Graves II.
This collection consists of a letter from E.C. Gray to his sister, Sarah T. Gray, in which he tells her of the execution of at least fifteen men who had deserted the Confederate Army and that conditions are the same as when he last wrote to his family.
Photocopies of newspaper and magazine articles and photographs about steamboats collected by this Mobile, Alabama, researcher.
Student computer programming manual for the Bama-Bell II programming language for the Univac Solid State 80 computer system.
Letter written by Grayson on 22 March 1880 in Demopolis, Alabama, to Belmont Perry in Woodbury, New Jersey.
A conveyance of land in Montgomery, Alabama, dated 30 August 1832, by Moses Green and Joseph D. Hopper to George Whitman.
Typescript copy of the minutes of a meeting to establish a female academy at Burton's Hill, Alabama, and the school's constitution and amendments.
Ballot with tallies of votes for the 1 May 1934 Democratic Party Primary in Greene County, Alabama.
The collection includes a ledger of standings, studies, and absences of the students from 1847 through 1870 as well as an honor roll of the Humanitarian Society of the Greene Springs School, founded by Henry Tutwiler.
Photocopy of a typescript copy of an essay by the descendant of the early settlers of Jefferson County, Alabama.
Fourteen letters sent to Robert W. Greenfield and his family in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Most of the letters were sent by his mother Ida, who worked as a costumer for several Hollywood films during the 1930s and 40s.
Contains family letters from 1918 to 1946 and news clippings from the Avondale Sun during World War I.
Personal papers, mostly involving the activities of this Perry County farmer and justice of the peace.
A letter dated 5 September 1813, from St. Stephens, Alabama, to his parents, describing the Creek attack on Fort Mims during the Creek War of 1813-1814.
Real and personal property tax assessments for members of the Grimmer and Williams families in Ariton, Alabama, from 1897 through 1945.
Fourteen letters to and from James W. Grisamore of Valparaiso, Indiana. Most letters were sent from his brothers and sisters, telling of the news from Toledo, Indiana, and various family updates.
A letter and an ink drawing from Sam Groff to his parents in Ridgefield, Washington. In 1917, Groff was in Vallejo, California, probably in naval basic training.
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