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Easter Sunday worship bulletin for the 66th Infantry Training Regiment, Chapel #23.
A letter from Willis Skillman to his mother, Mrs. W. B. Skillman of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on her birthday.
Numerous legal papers pertaining to the slander case of John Berry versus James Latham, in Jackson and Madison Counties, Alabama, 1830-34, and that of Alanson Huff versus Cowart et al., Madison County, 1831-1833. These appear to have been collected by James W. Bragg for a paper delivered to the Alabama Historical Association in 1957. A photocopy of Bragg's paper, "Captain Slick, Arbiter of Early Alabama Morals," and another by Jack K. Williams, "Crime and Punishment in Alabama, 1819-1940" are included in the collection.
A variety of individual items and small collections that relate to the Civil War
A wide variety of individual and small collections consisting of letters, financial materials, and business records, all of which relate to Alabama or the South.
Smith, a photographer, writes from Port Tampa, Florida to "all at home" about his travels in Florida and plans to visit Cuba.
A letter from Charles Smith to his friend Will in which Smith discusses his recent move to Lexington, Massachusetts, to attend business school.
D. S. Smith surveys land for the G. B. & M. Railroad. He provides two sketches of section 32, township 24 including the proposed path of the railroad track.
The collection contains a letter written by Mr. D. S. Smith of Seymour, Wisconsin, to Mr. A. J. Thompson about the reconstruction of a fence to meet certain dimensional requirements.
The Eugene Allen Smith Collection spans more than four decades from the late nineteenth century to early twentieth century. The collection depicts Smith's numerous field trips as a professor of Chemistry and Mineralogy at The University of Alabama from 1871-1913, and as State Geologist from 1873-1913.
Scrapbook documenting a young woman's enjoyment of her life and times as she moves from high school to college.
Civil War diary of George S. Smith, sergeant in Company C of the 48th Ohio Regiment, covering his service in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and Texas, 1863-65.
Funeral bulletin and photocopies of three obituary articles and four letters of condolence
This collection contains a letter Mrs. H. C. Smith received from her mother about her brother's wishes for marriage. Her mother disapproves of his selection and will not acknowledge the couple and also states that presents will not be exchanged as times are hard.
A letter from Helena Smith of Stacyville, Iowa, to her sister-in-law, Anna Ethel Smith of Austin, Minnesota, telling Anna that she can quit working on November 15th, and then do as planned when she last visited Helena.
J. Wheaton Smith, Corresponding Secretary of the Pennsylvania Baptist Convention, writes to Reverand G. Frear reporting the large number of baptisms and requesting contributions from Frear's congregation.
Military discharge forms for James Smith, a member of the United States Army's Tenth Cavalry Regiment, also known as "Buffalo Soldiers."
Two letters to Mrs. Katie Smith of San Jose, California, from her husband in Kearney, Nebraska during June 1923.
This collection contains one letter from Luella Smith to her cousin, Cora B. Smith, written from Readfield, Maine. Luella Smith gives news of deaths in the family and expresses her sorrow and loneliness.
The Majorie L. Smith Slide Collection depicts changes to cotton agriculture in the early 1960s. This collection is comprised of 71 color slides taken by Majorie L. Smith in and around Hayneville, Lowndes County, Alabama showing various stages of cotton production; from picking cotton by hand to machine harvesting and processing in the cotton gin to making the bales ready for market.
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