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Copy of Robert H. McKenzie's dissertation, "A History of the Shelby Iron Company, 1865-1881," and a small collection of correspondence and research notes related to the dissertation.
Greeting cards and postcards to and from Raymond and Beatrice "Bicky" McLain during their time in Cairo, Egypt.
The correspondence, 1860-1869, and diaries, 1854-1870, of this North Carolina native who settled in Upper Peach Tree, Wilcox County.
Consists of one indictment of treason issued by the State of Tennessee Circuit Court for Samuel M. McMahan and 13 summonses for McMahan that were sent to the Sherriff of Sevier County, Tennessee, between the years of 1865 and 1868.
This collection contains a letter written by Mag McMillan of West Union, West Virginia, to a friend about the mumps and consumption.
An 1861 letter to Governor Joseph E. Brown of Georgia from Robert McMillan discussing the organization of ten companies from Georgia, as well as copies of two additional letters written on the same piece of paper; one written by McMillan and the other by an unknown author, written to Senator Ira Foster.
Records of daily sales in a general store in Lafayette, Chambers County, Alabama, 1837.
Collection contains letters from Lieutenant Colonel R.E. McMurray to his wife in Hobart, Indiana, during World War Two. The letters were sent from New York, Alabama, Italy, and Japan and discuss military life, the McMurray family, health, and religion.
One letter home from R. E. McMurray to his wife and Gary while he was stationed in Italy during World War Two. He discusses Americans' lack of understanding of what war was truly like.
Three letters sent to Pearl McMurry of Corydon, Iowa, from various old acquaintances and military friends across Iowa and Texas contain mostly personal updates.
Contains a biographical sketch of A.M. McWhorter (1828-1892), of Cherokee County, Alabama, the 1822 marriage announcement of A.A. McWhorter and Sarah Smith of Coosawda, Alabama, and a newspaper clipping of the 1952 McWhorter family reunion in Blount County, Alabama.
Contains a letter from and two biographical sketches of the Andrew L. McWilliams family of Jefferson County, Alabama.
This collection contains one letter from John C. Medinos, stationed at the Sampson Naval Training Station in New York, to his future brother-in-law Herbert Dessert of Fall River, Massachusetts. He told Dessert he had gotten a military haircut and his training was not too hard.
This notebook contains Meek's lecture notes for his English literature classes for 1872 and 1873, as well as a poem by A. J. Ryan. Printed schedules for essays and orations of the senior class of 1872-1873 and printed copies of senior class examinations in English Literature, February 1873, and in English Philology, June 1873, are pasted inside the covers.
Ten letters from Meek and one from Haynes in Livingston, Alabama, and Nashville, Tennessee, to Samuel Logan of Abingdon, Virginia, relating, to among other things, slave dealing.
A letter fragment from Melinda to her sister discussing various friends and family, as well as the 1857 economic depression caused by the failure of the Ohio Life Insurance and Trust Company.
This collection consists of a handwritten paper titled "From School Room to Army," read to the Grand Army of the Republic George W. Lennard post in New Castle, Indiana, on 8 June 1895 by Mendenhall, a soldier in the 101st Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment. The regiment saw extensive service in the Western theater, including the Battle of Chickamauga, the siege of Chattanooga, and Sherman's "March to the Sea." These events, however, are only mentioned in passing in Mendenhall's very brief paper.
Family letters written by Juliet Bestor Coleman, her daughter, Alice Coleman Meriwether and her son-in-law, John Samuel Meriwether between 1833 and 1864. The letters to and from Juliet's mother and sisters have been transcribed. There is also a small collection of letters between the Bestor and Coleman families regarding Juliet's last illness and her death. The bulk of the correspondence is letters between Alice Coleman Meriwether and her husband, John Samuel Meriwether, while he was serving in the 38th and 40th Alabama Infantry Regiments during the Civil War.
The collection contains six letters sent to and from Augustus Merriman and his wife Nelia, of Harpswell, Maine. Most letters, written to Nelia by various relatives, discuss family news and gossip, and two letters are from Augustus to Nelia.
Membership registers, a ledger of church giving, and minutes and records of the Woman's Missionary Society of this Methodist church in Uniontown, Perry County,Alabama, from 1869 to 1966
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