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This collection contains letters from Walter Goodman in Holly Springs, Mississippi, to his sweetheart, Corinne Acklen, in Hunstville, Alabama, with hopes to see her soon.
Diary, banquet programs and menus, uniform insignia, and miscellaneous medals of a World War I veteran of the 167th Infantry, part of the Rainbow Division.
Brief narrative and collection of notes related to Alabama secession written by politician Albert Taylor Goodwyn in 1916
Correspondence, writings, teaching materials, and musical compositions of this former faculty member of the University of Alabama.
The papers include materials from the Gorgas and Gayle families, predominantly the papers of Josiah Gorgas, his wife Amelia Gayle Gorgas, her parents John Gayle and Sarah Haynsworth Gayle, her brother Richard Haynsworth Gayle, and the Gorgas' children Jessie , Mary Gayle, Maria Bayne, and Richard Haynsworth. The papers of Josiah Gorgas include his personal correspondence to his wife Amelia Gayle Gorgas (1853-1880), to their son William Crawford Gorgas (1868-1880), to others (1842-1875), from Jefferson Davis (1868-1879), and from others (1839-1878); his diary, scrapbook, and sketches from his European travels (1845-1846) and from his military service during the Mexican War (1846); his 1857-1878 diary; his correspondence and writings concerning his work as Chief of the Confederate Ordnance Bureau (1860-1864); a few items pertaining to his presidency of the Brierfield Iron Works (1867); and materials relating to his vice-chancellorship of the University of the South (1868-1878). The papers of Amelia Gayle Gorgas include her personal correspondence to her husband Josiah Gorgas (1858-1876), to their son William Crawford Gorgas (1868-1907), to their daughter-in-law Marie (Mrs. William Crawford) Gorgas (1900-1906), to others (1841-1907), from various individuals expressing condolence at the death of Josiah Gorgas (1883), and from various individuals (1862-1907); her account of the evacuation of Richmond during the Civil War; three scrapbooks; and memorials to her. John Gayle's papers include his correspondence (1832-1838), a typescript of state papers relating to Creek Indian affairs (1832-1834) while he was Governor of Alabama, and pictures of himself and Francis Scott Key, who visited the Gayles in 1833. Sarah Haynsworth Gayle's papers include her personal correspondence to her husband John Gayle (1819-1835), to her relatives in South Carolina (1823-1833), and to her friend Mrs. Mary Peck in Greensboro, Alabama (1833-1834); and her journal (1827-1835) describing her family's life in frontier Alabama. There are also correspondence and materials pertaining to other Gayle and Gorgas family members, including Richard Haynsworth Gayle's diary (1856-1865), which describes his voyage from Mobile around Cape Horn to Genoa, Italy; the diary (1876-1888) of Josiah Gorgas' brother Solomon Atkinson Gorgas; Maria Bayne Gorgas' letters to family members from Europe (1892-1905) where she was nurse-companion to Mary Leroy King of Newport, Rhode Island; the Gorgas family Bible and the Gayle family Bible; and genealogical materials concerning the Gorgas, Gayle, Atkinson, and Rittenhouse families.
Correspondence, diaries, writings, and other material of this Alabama native who eradicated yellow fever from the Panama Canal Zone and served as Surgeon General of the U.S. Army.
Two typescript copies of an 1868 memoirs written by early Tuscaloosa resident of French ancestry, whose family were Natchez, Mississippi pioneers.
Invitation and admission card for the Governor's Derby Breakfast on the Capitol grounds in Frankfort, Kentucky, on 3 May 1986, prior to the 1986 running of the Kentucky Derby.
Correspondence, certificates, programs, and other documents signed by twenty-six Alabama governors serving between 1820 and 1970.
A letter from Dixie Gowdy of Batesville, Mississippi to C. Moore of Sardis, Mississippi with sympathies for the death of Moore's wife.
A letter from Grace, a student, to Laura Thomas of Columbiana, Ohio, discussing her classes and stating that she misses Laura.
A Christmas card written in 1912 from Grace to Margaret with a note wishing her a happy holiday season.
Grace writes from Eaton Rapids, Michigan, to her aunt and uncle in Plymouth, Michigan, with daily news about weather, illness and kittens.
Correspondence of this delegate to the Alabama Constitutional Convention of 1901 as well as printed reports from the Convention.
Contains copies of four speeches written by Talladega educator Joseph B. Graham and presented to various civic and social clubs; also contains one letter signed by Selma politician Edmund Pettus
A performance program and articles concerning the famous dancer and choreographer, Martha Graham.
Contains one convention/reunion type ribbon from the late 19th-century.
Civil War Veteran brass lapel button manufactured expressly for the Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) veterans. The button measures 5/8" wide.
This collection contains a single delegate ribbon for the 15th Annual G.A.R. Encampment in Columbus, Nebraska in 1892.
This collection consists of eleven letters from C. J. (Cliff) Granos, Boston, Massachusetts, and England during World War II, to his wife, Ruth Granos, Chicago, Illinois. The letters discuss, among other things, his sickness and Christmas.
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