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Handwritten and typescript documents - correspondence, affidavits, etc. - relating to two southern clients of the New York lawyer Quinton Corwine, dealing with compensation due them for cotton seized by federal agents during the Reconstruction period
The depositions of Lewis and Mary Ann Chandoin of Virginia regarding two slave women (mother and daughter) belonging to a deceased neighbor, Mrs. Elizabeth Mimms.
Photocopy of promissory note in which Richard Chanoweth of Kentucky County acknowledges receipt of a barrel of whiskey and promises to deliver deer skins to Philip Engle as payment.
A letter from Dr. Youssef Charaf of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, to Dr. Charles C. Thomas of Springfield, Illinois, requesting a copy of the medical book catalogue at his library.
Charles, writing on stationery from Louisville, Kentucky, tells the recipient, Nora, not to worry about him, to enjoy her visit away from home, and he apologizes for sending a telegram that may have upset her.
Photocopy of several chapters of Charleston! Charleston!: The History of a Southern City by Walter J. Fraser, Jr., and a blank "Research Services" form from The South Carolina Historical Society.
Letters to Elizabeth Chenault written by friends from Camp Eagle Point in New Hampshire, about their schoolwork and leisure activities.
The records consist of documents generated or received by Dr. John W. Chenault, while working with or directing the Crippled Children's Service and the Infantile Paralysis Center at Tuskegee Institute.
Memorabilia of a University of Alabama student, 1930-1934, including a scrapbook, record book, newspapers, and student organization documents
General Order No. 107 from Chief Surgeon S. Cooper's office in Richmond, Virginia, modifies an earlier order delineating medical officers' reasons for issuing medical furloughs for soldiers. Chief Surgeon A. S. Mason added a note that approved the message.
Manuscripts and related material for the Monroeville, Alabama, native's short stories and novels, including Tender, A World Made of Fire, Jacko, A Plague of Children, and V for Victor.
Unbound typescript of China Marine, written by Eugene Bondurant Sledge. The manuscript is 107 pages long and contains typed publisher's notations about formatting.
Chip writes to his friend, Little Ricky, with social news and jokes about their mutual acquaintances.
Letters from Chris and Alice of Nevada City, California, to their siblings. They discuss daily life and buying/renting land.
A list of citations, evidently documenting Christenberry's reading, on various topics, mostly historical and literary
Letters from Miriam Schneider to friends and students of Margaret Christy asking for "testimonials" that could be read at Christy's memorial service.
A letter dated July 1870 and signed by "Citizens of Macon County K. K. K.", threatening W. B. Bowen of Macon County, Alabama
Framed remains of a Civil War era boot or shoe.
This collection contains a letter written by Mrs. H. M. Clapp of Albany, New York, to Mrs. Rogers wishing her well though they may never meet again.
Letter from J.W. Clapp in Holly Springs, Mississippi, written on June 9, 1851, to R.C. Brinkley of Florence, Alabama, regarding what appears to be the building of a proposed railroad.
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