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Document to the people of Alabama from thirty-three men at the 1861 secession convention explaining why they did not sign the Ordinance of Secession. The document is signed in type by Robert Jemison Jr. and thirty-two others.
This collection consists of a single proclamation by Governor Tod, commemorating the service of and officially discharging one of the so-called "Squirrel Hunters," Frank Rockway of Clark County Ohio, 4 March 1863. In late August and early September 1862, southern Ohio was threatened with invasion by a Confederate force under General Kirby Smith at Richmond, Kentucky. Governor Tod called upon able-bodied men to form an impromptu militia to defend Cincinnati, to which some 15,000 men, subsequently officially designated the "Squirrel Hunters," responded. Rockway's discharge states that without the loyal response of the "Squirrel Hunters," "our dear state would have been invaded by a band of pirates determined to overthrow the best government on earth; our wives and children would have been violated and murdered, and our homes plundered and sacked. Your children, and your children's children, will be proud to know that you were one of this glorious band."
Milo Todd writes to friend John Douglass Fowler about crops, the end of the world, and "Western Fever."
A letter dated 23 December 1912 to T. K. Oglesby, discussing naval and submarine warfare during the Civil War.
One card thanking family and friends for expressing sympathy for the death of the mother of possibly John B. Tomlinson.
A letter to Bill and Marion Topping of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, from Madrid where his parents are vacationing.
Correspondence from the Toulmin, Hazard and Company commission firm of Mobile, Alabama.
Tuscaloosa, Alabama, dressmaker's trade card
An invoice from The Towle Brothers Company of Nevada City, California. The company sold "lumber, laths, shingles, shakes, pickets, etc."
Letter from Edith Towne of Berlin, Germany to Randy (Mrs. Peter) Merriman about sending a birthday gift for a mutual friend.
A letter from Emma C. Townley to Rose Scofield of Carthage, Illinois wishing her a happy holiday season.
Letter written by Catherine Toxey in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to her cousin. Letter discusses family matters and the well-being of her mother and children.
Letters written mainly to Russell F. Trask, E.M. 1/c aboard the U.S.S. Apollo (A.S. 25) by his wife, LeElda "Lee" Trask of Wausau, Marathon County, Wisconsin. Some of the letters are written to Trask by his mother and other family member. Twenty-eight of the letters are written to Lee by Trask.
One letter of recommendation from T. A. Chapman Company Dry Goods, Trandt's previous employer. Three letters from an attorney, Lynn S. Pease, regarding payments and the selling/buying of Rohn Swimming School. All letters are from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Correspondence compiled by Mrs. C. P. McGuire in her attempts to trace the genealogy of William B. Travis, who died defending the Alamo in 1836.
A birthday card from James Troy, a private in the United States Army, to his mother, Mrs. O. H. Troy of Louisville, Kentucky, wishing her a happy birthday.
Letter from L. T. Turner to Mollie discussing the impossibility of visiting one another and the possibility of Mollie's marriage.
Two brochures from 1981 that describe heritage sites in Tuscaloosa.
Program for the 1890 Tuskaloosa Female College commencement exercises.
A collection of club records, constitution and by-laws, member lists, yearbooks, scrapbooks, and other materials of this Tuscaloosa arts organization.
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