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This collection consists of one letter from Shelby to an unidentified Colonel, apparently on the latter's request for information about Shelby's commissary activities in the Military Department of the Gulf from late February to late May or early June 1862.
This collection consists of a handwritten memoir of the Battle of Gainsville (28 August 1862), a preliminary action to the second Battle of Bun Run (29-30 August 1862), read to the George W. Lennard Post of the Grand Army of the Republic, New Castle, Indiana, probably sometime during the 1890s. Shelley was evidently a member of the 19th Indiana regiment, which formed part of the famous "Iron Brigade" of the 1st Division, 1st Corps, U.S. Army. Much of the paper appears to be missing.
1845-46 daybook of a Whitesburg, Madison County, Alabama general store, which contains a record of purchases by customers.
Mary M. Shepard writes to her friend, Dora E. Durkee of Conneaut, Ohio, about the weather in Pittsfield, Pennsylvania, and the activities of their mutual friends.
This collection contains one letter from Lieutenant Colonel Harvey Sheppard in Sheffield, Alabama, to Colonel John Pohl in Newport News, Virginia, regarding their mutual interest in Confederate stamps.
Letter to Edward Sherlock from C. Bowen, written in Waterford on 28 June 1858, about a shortage in the wool Sherlock had sent to be sold.
Letters regarding family news, moving from Oregon to Canada, and other topics between members of this family in New York, Maryland, and Oregon.
Mary L. Sherrill of South Hadley, Massachusetts sends a Christmas postcard to Mr. and Mrs. C. Caldwell Sherrill of Cincinnati, Ohio. Wedding congratulations are written on a postcard with a picture of a snowy street.
Letters to and from Peggy Sherrill discussing the birth of her son and the will of a family member.
Papers, photographs, family Bible, and books of this Tuscaloosa family
Copies of official papers, including correspondence, speeches, and miscellaneous materials, including approximately thirty items concerning the University of Alabama and the Alabama Corps of Cadets during the Civil War.
Journal kept by Presbyterian missionary to Africa in 1907-1908.
Short letter written by John A. Simpson on Cavalier Hotel (Washington, D.C.) stationery, mentioning a pending meeting in Lima on 22 January.
This fragment of a letter was written by Russell Simpson of Mobile, Alabama about the sale of cotton.
One typewritten letter from Sam Sims of Pontiac, Illinois, to his wife Clara, who is away on a visit in Elgin, Illinois. He wrote with updates of various friends and family members.
Alabama Female Institute diploma of Mollie Sink
Easter Sunday worship bulletin for the 66th Infantry Training Regiment, Chapel #23.
A letter from Willis Skillman to his mother, Mrs. W. B. Skillman of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on her birthday.
Numerous legal papers pertaining to the slander case of John Berry versus James Latham, in Jackson and Madison Counties, Alabama, 1830-34, and that of Alanson Huff versus Cowart et al., Madison County, 1831-1833. These appear to have been collected by James W. Bragg for a paper delivered to the Alabama Historical Association in 1957. A photocopy of Bragg's paper, "Captain Slick, Arbiter of Early Alabama Morals," and another by Jack K. Williams, "Crime and Punishment in Alabama, 1819-1940" are included in the collection.
A variety of individual items and small collections that relate to the Civil War
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