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This collection contains a letter from C. H. Robinson of Charlestown, Massachusetts, to her brother and sister. She discussed daily life, church activities, a visit in the future, and maple syrup.
This collection consists of four letters to Professor Howard Robinson, Oberlin, Ohio, three of which are from Corporal L.L. (Leonard) Beal, North Africa, and one is from First Lieutenant Donald (Don) Balassa, Corsica, during World War II. They write about the war, communism, the upcoming election, and government.
A high school scrapbook belonging to Iva Elliott Roby, who lived in Kentucky.
Harald Rohlig Organ Music Guide to this collection )
Performance recordings of organist Dr. Harald Rohlig, retired Professor of Music at Huntingdon College, Montgomery, Alabama. Most recordings in the collection were made at Memorial Presbyterian Church, Huntingdon College, or St. John's Episcopal Church in Montgomery, Alabama.
A letter from Roland, stationed at Camp Merritt, New Jersey, to his mother written on May 31, 1918 just before his group is deployed to Europe.
Letter written from Rosa in Leaksville, North Carolina, to friend Ella R. Crews of Spartanburg, South Carolina. She discussed her recent illness ("the grip" or influenza), gardening, planting, embroidery, jewelry, and a friend's divorce.
This collection contains one program from the presentation of the musical Rosalie, presented by the Municipal Theater Under-The-Stars at the Chastain Memorial Amphitheater in Atlanta, Georgia, July 19-24, 1954.
This collection contains two photographs taken during the construction of Rose Towers on the University of Alabama campus.
Ledger recording sales between 1888 and 1904 at the Rosenstihl Jewelry Store in Union Springs, Alabama.
The collection contains one postcard written from Rosie to her sister, Gladys Meite. The postcard is post-marked from Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin, and addressed to Dubuque, Iowa, and discusses income taxes and social plans.
One letter from Rosie to Tomie in a Hammar, Ohio, school. The letter explains an incident for which Rosie is now in trouble.
Letters to Louise Rosso of Long Branch, New Jersey about marriage and leaving school.
E. Rothenberg of South Africa writes to Mary Freundlich of Sao Paulo, Brazil in German.
Letter from Bianca Rothschild to Kirk Douglas in November 1991 regarding his second book and her Holocaust experiences and attitudes.
A nineteenth century manuscript French/Choctaw dictionary.
Letter from Rose Rousch while visiting in Butler County, Ohio, to her friend, Katie.
Mrs. Rowe LetterGuide to this collection )
A letter from Mrs. Rowe of Freemont, Pennsylvania, to her son, D. Watson Rowe of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
J. T. Rowland of Halsey, Oregon, writes to Mr. J. H. Settlemier of Woodburn, Oregon, concerning orders and pricing of books, trees, and possibly strawberries in Settlemier's catalogue. The letter contains some spelling errors and confusing handwriting.
A letter from Roy to Elizabeth Corbin of Oxford, New York, about his upcoming trip to see her and a speaking engagement he has made.
A.C. Roycroft Guide to this collection )
Papers of a Confederate Army officer and Northport, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama resident, including his diary from the final months of the Civil War.
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