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This is a compilation of KatieAnn (Detweiler) Troyer's poems about her life and the lives of her family members, written between 1958 and 1968, in Fredericksburg, Ohio.
Letter from Secretary of State Sibyl Pool to a constituent.
John H. Poor Letter Guide to this collection )
A letter from John H. Poor to his niece, Fanny, in which he describes the day-to-day routine of a Civil War military camp.
An order made by C. R. Posh of Peoria, Illinois to Montgomery and Moore.
Postcards and souvenir travel booklets from the United States, Mexico, Cuba, and Wales, dating from the early 1900s through the 1960s.
The collection contains one postcard written from Nate to "Papa, mamma, and baby" while on vacation in Troy Center, Wisconsin. It features a small image of a young man and gives information regarding daily activities.
Personal letters addressed to John M. "Jack" Potter, a Private and later Private First Class in the United States Marines, during his duration on Parris Island, North Carolina.
The H. C. Powell Papers contain materials related to Powell's service during World War I and his service on the Board of Trustees of the Louisville Free Public Library.
Correspondence, essays, and speeches written by and to Richard Holmes Powell of Union Springs,Alabama, and includes the essay "On the Management of Slaves."
The collection contains one letter from Powers in Tell City, Indiana, to C. E. Price in Louisville, Kentucky, asking for help obtaining a release from his job with the Southern Railroad due to heart and lung problems that were severe enough to excuse him from Army service during World War II.
Scrapbook kept by Wiley Taul Poynter during his tenure at Science Hill School in Shelbyville, Kentucky, as well as his cash and memoranda book dating from 1 July 1864 through 11 December 1880.
Letter dated 22 April 1864, from Head Quarters, Sub-district of the Pamlico, Washington, North Carolina, to Commander Renshaw, warning him of enemy troop movements
Letters, musical compositions, programs, and choral music of Frederick B. Prentice, associate professor of music at The University of Alabama from 1969 to 1989.
The collection includes letters, ephemera, and other non-published materials created by or for all forty-four presidents of the United States.
Bumper stickers and pins from the Obama/Biden and Romney/Ryan presidential campaigns for 2012.
Letter from Dan Price, a white Alabaman who taught freed African-American students, to his Congressman, Charles Wilson Pierce, about the vicious activities of the Ku Klux Klan in Sumter County, Alabama, in 1868.
Prices of domestic produce in Confederate Treasury Notes from 1 January 1861 to 1 January 1865
Contains a single white convention/reunion type ribbon bearing an image of an eagle with a shield, ribbon and olive branch in its talons, surrounded by the following text: "Prisoners of War Reunion - Toledo, O., 1879".
Proposals for reorganizing the Continental Army
The collection contains one letter written from Fred R. Prusha, Fayette County Chairman of the Iowa Poetry Day Association (IPDA), to Ortha Green, Vice President (IPDA), in which Prusha offers Green congratulations on a writing award and discusses publicity options.
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