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Hand-made scrapbook of fish illustrations.
The T. J. Fisher Letter is written from Fisher in Covington, Kentucky, to Brother Miner in Maysville, Kentucky, and provides information concerning daily church business.
Letters from this Tuscaloosa, Alabama, physician to his wife and children before and after he was shipped to France during World War One. Includes a photograph of Fitts.
This collection consists of seven letters from Kenyon Putnam Flagg, United States Army, stationed in France and Germany, to his mother, Mrs. R. A. (Charlotte) Flagg, Albion, New York. He writes about how the French live, the weather, states he is "responsible for the training of 2000 men," and about the war.
Letters of a commission merchant in the Caribbean and on the Mississippi River, and his family.
Personal papers of Evelyn Fleming, a New Jersey native, who served in the American Red Cross during World War II.
Transcript of a presentation by John C. Fletcher at the Alabama Clergy Conference, 1970, on the impact of industrial society and the post-industrial revolution on the youth of America
Small broadside of the 14-verse poem, Flight of Doodle! about the First Battle of Bull Run (Manassas), with each Confederate state's performance in the battle making up a stanza.
The collection contains outgoing correspondence from officers of the Florence Railroad and Improvement Company of Florence, Alabama, concerning business and legal matters.
One handwritten letter from Florence in Crystal River, Florida, to her friend. The contents of the letter concern a trip taken by Florence and day-to-day life.
Items relating to Walter Flowers and Jennie Shaw Flowers as students at the University of Alabama, including commencement programs, SGA and WSGA ribbons, Triangle ribbon, library card, and invitation to a dance
This collection contains one letter from Edith Floyd to Eloise Jackson, possibly her sister. The letter concerns Charles Floyd, Edith's husband, who is missing following the fall of the Philippines in 1942.
The collection contains one letter from Foote in Macon, Mississippi, to D. W. Esmond in Akron, Ohio, expressing sympathy and offering comforting words relating to a recent death.
Ten etchings of Edwin Forbes' Life Studies of the Great Army.
Forsyth's United States Army Air Corps World War II era dress uniform and an article about his dog.
Page from the 27 April 1861 issue of Harper's Weekly with an illustration of the Confederate bombardment of Fort Sumter.
An essay on the history of Fort Toulouse, constructed in 1717 near Wetumpka, Alabama
Bettie Fort of Bolivar, Tennessee writes cousin Mrs. Aaron Thorp Dowagiac, Michigan, about her recent marriage and new life.
Primarily receipts and statements but the collection also includes Robert S. Foster's will and a deed for 1,274 acres of land from the heirs of Robert S. Foster to Edmond L. Prince in 1859 for the sum of $19,110.00. Most of the statements are for the freight, wharfage, drayage, weighing and storage of cotton shipped by steamboats, and are listed for either Mrs. Ann Foster or the Estate of Robert S. Foster. Other receipts are for the purchase of clothing, books and magazine subscriptions.
Letters written by and to Foster between 1907 and 1938, as well as some miscellaneous correspondence written by Foster's family members and members of the United States House of Representatives concerning his application to the Consular Services. There is also a small collection of letters written in German; Foster's report cards from Male High School (1875-1881) and his first semester grades from The University of Alabama in 1882; reports cards for his brothers, Sumner B., Thomas J., Henry B., and Clement C. Foster; and photographs, financial statements, tax receipts, insurance policies, as well as miscellaneous class rolls and other papers.
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