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A letter to Mrs. Charles Beach of East Ottowa, New York, from her cousin, Emily of Austinburg, Ohio, who writes about her students.
Letters to Miss Marion Beale of Gordonville, Virginia between 1870 and 1878.
Two letters from B. L. Beall of Lenoir, North Carolina, to her children Meta and Bobbie. She discusses daily life and updates her children on friends and family.
A letter from Western American author, Amelia Bean in Riverside, California, replying to a fan's, Robert L. Hickman of New York, New York, letter about the 1958 publication of Bean's "The Fancher Train," which is a fictional account of an historical event, the Mountain Meadow massacre by Mormons in Utah.
A letter from V. Ormond Beatty to his father, asking permission to join the Presbyterian Church, July 19, 1835.
A letter from Louis Beck of Los Angeles, California, to William Pontius in Wyoming, congratulating him on his promotion to Corporal.
Two letters written from Cahaba, Alabama, to Rowland G. Hazard in Peace Dale, Rhode Island. The first, dated 14 July 1839, orders shoes for Beene's sixty-eight slaves and includes a list of slaves and a measurement of their feet in inches. In the second, dated 16 December 1841, Beene expresses dissatisfaction with both shoes and prices.
Letter and photographs relating to Harvey Beeson's ancestors in Michigan, August 1939.
A miscellany of materials including the text of Beeson's address to the 57th anniversary meeting of the Philomatic society, photographs of him, newspaper clippings, a copy of a physics exam for seniors, and other items.
Circular signed by Harry Belafonte on behalf of SNCC, describing the recent murder of Sammy Younge, Jr., in Tuskegee, Alabama.
Corporate letterbook, 1882-1906, and cloth samples of "Bell checks" and "Bell stripes" manufactured by the Bell Factory, Huntsville, Alabama, after the Civil War.
This collection includes "The Warrior Guards from the Reconstruction to the Great War," an unpublished manuscript on the 167th U.S. Infantry, Fourth Alabama Infantry Regiment ("The Fighting Fourth"), and newspaper clippings, newspaper transcripts, etc. on the "Warrior Guards."
A letter dated 29 May 1864 from a Confederate soldier to his mother and sister while stationed in Bayou La Batre, Alabama.
Promissory note dated January 1, 1858, in which The University of Alabama agreed to pay $150 to W. J. Hays for the use of a slave named Paul for one year. The note is signed by george Benagh, a professor acting on behalf of the University.
A letter containing genealogical information about the Benagh family. George William Benagh was a professor at the University of Alabama, 1850-1863. See also manuscript 1603.
This collection consists of one letter from Benedict, stationed at Camp McClellan, Iowa, to a Miss Susan Benedict, perhaps his sister, written 31 August 1861. Benedict mentions that there are fourteen prisoners there, one a "rebble [sic] Colonel With one arm off".
A miscellaneous collection of Civil War material of this Union soldier from Indiana, including enlistment lists, muster roles, war songs, writings, drawings, a diary, genealogical information, and clippings.
A letter dated 7 May 1848, written from Chickasaw, Alabama to cousin Caroline D. Bennett of Tuscumbia. Discusses the weather of the "Sunny South," temperance, sailing on the "Elipse" to New Orleans, and various family matters.
Two deeds recording the conveyance of land in Montgomery County, Alabama, by Nimrod E. Benson to George Whitman, 19 February 1830 and 2 April 1832.
Land contract dated 29 July 1834, at White Plains, Benton (later Calhoun) County, Alabama.
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