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A collection of records of Crumpler's general store in Sylacauga, Alabama, and of his activities as justice of the peace.
Collection of meeting minutes and membership lists, 1887-1933, for this Cross Keys, Macon County, Alabama, church.
Postcards depicting scenes in Cuba in the early twentieth century
Postcards depicting scenes in Cuba in the early twentieth century
A court room docket recording cases of this Triana, Alabama, justice of the peace.
Twenty-three reports assessing the cultural and archeological significance of various Alabama sites, 1976-1979.
Photocopy of a record book including the minutes, rolls, and mission reports of this Talladega church
Letter from Arme Cummins of Kirkville, Iowa, to her sister, Louisa Robbins of Roanoke, Indiana, in 1898, discussing her rheumatism, heaven, and a picture that has possibly been misplaced.
A diary whose short entries provide information on the daily activities of this coed from Tuscaloosa, member of Kappa Delta sorority, and 1916 University of Alabama graduate.
This is a collection of love letters and friendly correspondence from Alabama and Mississippi, addressed to Lillian Cunningham of Tuscaloosa, with the bulk of the contents originating in the latter part of the 1910’s. There is also a small collection of older sister Daphne Cunningham's correspondence.
This collection from the 1920s includes Claudia Merle Summerville's photo album, letters from Miriam Cunningham, and pictures and photo album of Frances Guess. This collection documents a period when Summerville and Cunningham taught school at Highland Institute in Guerrant, Kentucky.
This collection consists of one letter by Curlis, written from Gallatin Convalescent Camp, Tennessee, on 25 June 1863 to an unnamed recipient, informing him of his brother's death a few days earlier. The grammar and spelling are both very poor.
Letter from Currua, written in an undetermined language. No translation is available at this time.
Items from Curry's tenure at the University of Alabama, including season tickets for sporting events, invitations to social events and organizations, and a binder of correspondence relating to reunions of the University of Alabama class of 1916.
Photocopies of letters from David H. Vinton, Assistant Quartermaster in New York, to Lieutenant Josiah Gorgas at Watervliet Arsenal, refusing to grant Gorgas's request for supplies to be sent to Pensacola, and from University of Alabama cadet John H. Marshall in Tuscaloosa, discussing the possible role of the cadets in the defense of the state, the fainting of several cadets during a dress parade, and inquires about his family.
Letters to Clarence Curtain, an attorney in Circleville, Ohio, from a client and a general merchandise dealer.
A letter written by Codia Curtis of New York to her cousin about moving to Sacramento, California to be with her husband who has opened a hotel.
Marie Curtis of Danby, Michigan writes to her brother and sister, Charles and Minerva Bush of Howell, Michigan about their move to Howell. Marie tells her siblings that the new child is named after Charles. She also tells them that one child is ill, another returns from school, and another is the new teacher for local children.
A letter from Sam B. Curtis to his brother about his disenchantment with the actions of President Tyler and the Whig party.
Correspondence concerning the estate of General Curtiss, written in 1871.
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