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Letter dated 25 December 1885, from Maria in Wentworth, New Hampshire, to her cousin Martha in Laconia, New Hampshire.
Page one of the 15 September 1950 newspaper, Journal American stating that the U.S. Marine assault forces had stormed the beaches on Inchon, Korea.
A letter from Marion to Irene P. Anderson of Hollywood, California about Marion's vacation in Zion National Park, Utah.
Three letters from sisters Anna, Emily, and Mary Maris of Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, to relatives Edward and Elizabeth Paxson of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, thanking them for Christmas gifts.
Legal documents pertaining to the distribution of Lewis L. Marks estate to his heirs. Also present are miscellaneous legal documents belonging to Robert M. Patton, administrator of Marks' estate.
Letter written by John Marshall on 14 July 1818, to Ann Willis about money sent to pay the tuition for Marshall's children.
Correspondence, research notes, newspaper clippings, and manuscripts related to "Tensas Doctor" and "Noise of Great Waters" by Marshall Wallace
The collection contains the deposition of Charles Marx, taken at the office of Sidney S. Baxter in Richmond, Virginia, with William F. Watson acting as notary. The suit was filed by W. Curr against Henry J. Tarr and John R. Ray. Mr. Marx, a farmer, was present for the trial of a new plough and spoke to its effectiveness.
A letter from Mary to Naomi about two women who are new to the facility and mentions the illnesses of several friends.
Mary writes from Meredith, New York, to to her cousin in Nunda Station, Livingston County, New York. She describes the advanced illness of someone referred to as "Dr." A baby is also discussed.
A letter from Mary of Northampton, Massachusetts, to her mother. She discussed daily life, fabrics, dyeing a dress, and the health of family members.
Reverend Father Aurelius Maschio of Matunga, Bombay, India, writes to the proprietor of Holland's Jewelry Store in Moline, Illinois, requesting a donation for the "poor victims of the earthquake and the floods" in India. Letter typed on air mail stationery.
Financial notebook includes lists of prices and shipping rates for items such as cotton, sugar, coffee and corn, as well as lists of currency exchange rates, United States cotton production rates, and Mobile cotton brokers.
A letter from Thomas Mathews of England, to his friend, Robert John Black of Rushville, Fairfield County, Ohio, about his travels from England to America and about family left behind.
Letter from H.S.C. Matom to his nephew (no location is given). The letter discusses the death of a loved one and crop prices. Many words are spelled phonetically.
The Matthews Family Papers contain letters written to and from members of the W. B. Matthews family in Atlanta and contains one recommendation letter from W. E. B. DuBois. A series of letters written by Joseph Cotter Jr. discuss race relations during World War I
This collection contains four letters from Gravelly Springs, Alabama pertaining to ordinance returns and bills for Captain Clarence Mauck of the 4th U.S. Cavalry.
This is an 1861 letter from Joel Maxon to friends or relatives. He inquires about the well-being of several friends and relatives.
Papers of this Alabama author and foreign correspondent include diaries, African American folk songs and recordings, plays, novels, short stories, articles, and correspondence with twentieth-century writers including H. L. and Sara Mencken, Joseph Hergesheimer, Jim Tully, and Robert Hillyer.
A record of purchases from a general store in Maysville, Madison County, Alabama
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